Where’s Tennessee Ernie?

 Do you remember Tennessee Ernie singing Sixteen Tons? I wonder what that sounds like in Italian. Or maybe Syrian – or is it Arabic? Guess we won’t be finding out soon because the Italian police have one-upped the Syrian Mafia by uncovering seven tons of RDX explosives. The explosives were on a ship from Iran to Syria which docked in the Calabrian port of Gioia Tauro in southern Italy. The anti-mafia Italian police found the cargo last month on a Liberian-registered ship. Lets see now, that’s a Liberian ship (from Lybia) docked in Italy, loaded with seven tons of explosives being shipped from Iran to Syria. Surely there is a song in there somewhere. Maybe we could call it “Join the UN and this is what you get!”

There was no indication of how the Italian police discovered the explosives, more commonly known as T4 and used by the military as well as industrial experts, but the important thing is that there final destination most likely was Israel.

While most of us are totally clueless on what this explosive is and how it is used, I can assure you it isn’t for peaceful situations. During WWII, it was used by both sides – the American and the Germans; we were fortunate enough to be able to manufacture twice as much of it as the Germans which helped turn the tide of the war. The Millennium Bomber, a gift of al-Qaeda, used a small quantity of the white stuff as one of the magic components in the bomb he made to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve, 1999/2000. According to Wikipedia, the combined explosives could have produced a blast forty (40) times greater than that of a car bomb!

Let us say a robust cheer for the Italian anti-Mafia police force, their bomb-sniffing dogs, and any and all intelligence forces involved in uncovering the magic dust. May they live long and stay diligent in the fight against terror be in on their shores, in their harbors or somewhere in between.


About heartlandheartbeat

Margy Pezdirtz has been a leader in the Christian Zionist movement for over twenty-five years. She has diligently worked as an activist in the church and community to increase awareness of Israel, to teach on Judeo-Christian relationships, and to promote the cause of Israel in whatever manner deemed necessary. It is her firm belief that in order to make a difference in the church, and the world, for the cause of Israel, a solid network of like-minded people has to be established at the grass roots level.
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