Nothin’s Free!

Can You Say Alllllaaaaahhhhh Awwwwwkkkkkbaaaarrrr?

Ladies and Gentlemen of Texas, can you say, “Alllllaaaaahhhh Awwwkkkkbaaar?” If you can’t, you may have to learn to do so very quickly if you are going to be able to communicate with your middle school kids providing the U.S. Department of Education gets their way. It seems the Mansfield, Texas, school district applied for and received a ‘Foreign Language Assistance Program’ (FLAP) grant in the amount of 1.3 Million dollars to be dispensed over a five-year period. I do not know whether the grant was specifically for the Arabic language or if it was just added in, but according to The Blaze, it became a mandatory part of the grant.

I guess that means if they show you the money you gotta speak the language.

I wonder whose brilliant idea this was? Did the person writing the grant ask specifically for the money to teach Arabic? Did the person writing the grant get tricked? Was there fine print that someone forgot to read? The taxpaying parents of Mansfield, Texas, were not only tricked but infuriated when their children came home and told them they were going to be required to learn Arabic and study the Arabic culture. Imagine telling a Texan their kid has to learn Arabic! Boy is that a red flag to a raging bull!

I’ve taken the liberty of copying the announcement from the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) as it appears now before some kind soul erases it. The announcement reads:

“This grant is a wonderful opportunity for the students in MISD. We have been selected as one of only five districts across the country to participate in the grant that provides Arabic studies. Arabic studies include language acquisition, culture, government, art, traditions and history. MISD has been awarded a total of $1.3 million over a five year period to promote learning. Mansfield ISD graduates will possess the language proficiency and cross cultural communication skills to compete in the 21st century. Our students will be at an advantage in an increasingly diverse and economically global society. ”

Mansfield, a city of 50,000+  in the heart of Texas,  situated just southeast of Ft. Worth.

Texas, in the thoughts of most Americans, is usually considered independent, capable and strong willed. It is a state that has threatened and toyed with cessation from the United States over the nonsense going on in Washington and many of us have said, half jokingly, ‘if they do we’re moving south to join ‘em.’ Now I wonder, just how independent is Texas?

But this should be a lesson for all of us, no matter what state we live in. Remember what your parents – or your grandparents told you – nothing’s free! They meant it but we have forgotten it. If you apply for a grant, you better read the fine print and you better know who your grant writer is. 1.3 Million Dollars is a lot of money but it isn’t worth selling out your children for it. It isn’t worth ruining the reputation of your community for.

Whose money is it? Technically, that money is Texan money to begin with. The United States government gets their money from taxation and from charging fines, fees and other assessments, but in every instance it comes from the people not from some big daddy in Congress picking it from a money tree, no matter how freely the presses are running.

For the federal government, in any capacity, to require that our children learn any language other than American – and yes, I do mean American – is politically incorrect. Our children should be taught American History, American Studies, American Language and that could even include some native tongue in case we need to rely on Wind Talkers again, and a study of the American Constitution would be good. Certainly, there are enough American subjects that our kids need to study without making them learn the language of their enemy….that’s right, their enemy.

If we are going to require a foreign language – which, in all actuality, I really don’t have anything against doing, then maybe it should be Chinese since it is probable that we’ll be serving them one day.


About heartlandheartbeat

Margy Pezdirtz has been a leader in the Christian Zionist movement for over twenty-five years. She has diligently worked as an activist in the church and community to increase awareness of Israel, to teach on Judeo-Christian relationships, and to promote the cause of Israel in whatever manner deemed necessary. It is her firm belief that in order to make a difference in the church, and the world, for the cause of Israel, a solid network of like-minded people has to be established at the grass roots level.
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One Response to Nothin’s Free!

  1. Theresa says:

    In Texas, I would think learning Spanish would be more useful??

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