Fair vs Fear

I should be use to it by now, but I’m not. Never in my life would I have believed that the so-called leaders of this country would bow down to a Muslim ideology, but I’m seeing it in every venue. Washington is screaming separation of church and state at the same time they are  forcing Christian and Jewish organizations to employ such things as free birth control to their congregants, at the same time pushing Islamic teachings on every day citizens, no matter their faith. Of course, this is all being done out of a concern for “women’s health.”

Five years ago I would have thought you crazy had you told me that school children would be required to live, eat and dress as Muslims for a week, all in the name of sensitivity training, yet it has been happening. Isn’t it odd that this would be a requirement in public schools, but we’ve never insisted that our children live in a concentration camp for a week, do slave labor while being watched over by vicious dogs and half crazed guards, just waiting for a chance to kill. Maybe that’s too sensitive – I don’t know.

Way back then, the idea that I would be finding Halal (Muslim) certified food in my local grocery stores would have been preposterous when I can hardly find anything marked with the Jewish certifications, and Jews have been in this country for a very long time, in fact, they helped found it. Why is it that anti-Semitic (really, anti-Jewish) remarks, jokes and cartoons are considered to be hilariously funny and acceptable, no matter who is presenting them; but, let anyone present a remark, joke or cartoon about Muslims, and screams of “off with their head” echo through the streets of America.

Some of our mayors, school principals, and members of government on all levels, are pushing for more and more inter-action with Muslims, as ‘our friends.’ We must respect them because if we don’t they may kill us. Sharia Law is already here, slithering its black shadows underneath the benches of judges who rule in favor of one Muslim against the wishes of 70% of the voters in the State of Oklahoma. Or what about the Muslim prayer meeting that is held on the streets of NYC once a year, blocking all traffic, while the worshipers face Mecca. Would a Christian or Jewish group be allowed to do that? I think not. Or what about the town of Dearborn, Michigan, where you probably shouldn’t go unless you are dressed in Muslim garb. Yeah, that’s fair.

If we truly are so concerned about women’s health issues to force organizations that are against birth control to provide free contraceptives, then why aren’t we concerned about the Muslim women that are beaten, raped, tortured, stoned and murdered by their fathers, brothers, or whomever? If women’s issues really are important, then lets be fair across the board and rescue those women instead of sending them back into murderous hands.

If we truly want to be fair, then lets call someone who runs into a crowd firing a weapon shouting Allah Akbar, a terrorist. Let’s not cover it up as work stress? Let’s not say “he was the exception.” Let’s call it for what it is. I’m all for being fair but forget the fear. It is fear that is causing this country to surrender without a shot being fired. How very sick is that. May God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – just to be clear – help this country!

About heartlandheartbeat

Margy Pezdirtz has been a leader in the Christian Zionist movement for over twenty-five years. She has diligently worked as an activist in the church and community to increase awareness of Israel, to teach on Judeo-Christian relationships, and to promote the cause of Israel in whatever manner deemed necessary. It is her firm belief that in order to make a difference in the church, and the world, for the cause of Israel, a solid network of like-minded people has to be established at the grass roots level.
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3 Responses to Fair vs Fear

  1. Theresa says:

    Amen! I stand with you and call things for what they are and be fair in all avenues.
    F – false
    E – evidence
    A – appearing
    R – real

  2. Yonatan says:

    There’s a mosque in a town an hour from my home. I haven’t found any halal food in a town halfway between here and there. There’s a large Jewish community 3 hours east. I find kosher stores all over there. There aren’t many Jews in my immediate area, but I can go to any store and find K and OU labels on at least one brand of nearly every item that doesn’t contain meat. I have yet to find anything marked halal outside of the stores near the mosque. Point: you find things where there are enough consumers to create a market.

    I’ve never seen any kids around here in hijabs, and I see all kinds of school news in the papers. I went to school in a largely Hispanic district. We did things like Cinco de Mayo, in full mariachi regalia no less. In my pedigree with 5 complete generations and some branches going back 10 generations, there is no evidence I have any Hispanic ancestors, let alone Mexican. Point: you find cultural sensitivity in areas with large populations of that culture the minority are being programmed for.

    The only thing this article mentions that I’ve noticed on a national level is the seemingly biased censorship in media. That happens when people quit complaining aimlessly and start putting pressure on the msm, SNL comes to mind, to quit ripping on, say, Jews, by, idk, portraying an overtly sexual dance at a bat-mitzvah party.

    When I lived in Southern California, and even after I moved away, the big talk in the alarmist community was that the Mexicans were taking over. It was even mentioned in big media. During the war, Japanese Americans who wanted to fight alongside their white American neighbours were sent to concentration camps. Muslims just happen to be the latest group under scrutiny, the latest group to be attacked, and apparently one of the groups impassioned enough to fight for their faith and make an effort to control their image in the media.

    True, it sucks to be the minority dominated by a culture that democratically decided to limit your freedoms and impose their will. It also sucks when elected officials pander to one group at the expense of another, regardless of the size ratio of the groups. But let’s be fair in the face of fear-mongering. Let’s represent the facts with full disclosure.

    It’s ok to shine a light on the appearance of halal food, but to do so creates a responsibility to also shine that light onto the Muslim community that created and sustains the market. To omit this makes it sound like the food mysteriously appeared for no apparent reason other than as a conspiracy to force unsuspecting non-muslims to eat meat offered to a false god.

    Shine light on the scarcity of kosher foods in a given place, but be sure to describe the Jewish percentage of the population within service distance of that store. To omit that makes it sound like a conspiracy to discriminate against Jews.

    I don’t mean to sound pro-Islam, it just bugs me when part of a truth is withheld to persuade people into a particular position on an issue. Such is a form of lashon hara (evil speech).

    • Your comments are interesting and have validity. You seem to fail to recognize the fact that the American culture, mixed as it is, is being overwhelming forced into accepting and even embracing the Islamic culture, whether we want to or not. My city is very diverse in our cultural ethnicity and I can find all kinds of food items here, any time I want them, except Kosher…for that, I have to hunt a little longer. And, to clarify, I’m not Jewish. However, we do have school children wearing hijabs – which is fine with me – but don’t ask my children to do the same, public school or not.

      As I said, your comments are interesting and worthy of consideration, but from the part of the country that I live in, my comments are valid and I stand by them.

      As to lashon hara – I guess it is the one true God that will have to decide on that one.

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