Behind the Clouds

It has been a long time – longer than I realized – since I’ve sat down long enough to focus on actually writing something. Like everyone else, I’m caught up in the day-to-day runabout of keeping my head above water, trying to make things happen for Israel – as well as for my family, and just being. You know how that is – just being.

I’m trying hard to be an American. I’ve always been an American, even when I’ve been in a foreign country. I’ve proudly, and sometimes, arrogantly waved the red, white and blue that has been so true in its statement of strength and encouragement to nations under fire, whether from natural disasters or the hideousness of man. We’ve been there – until now…

Over the last fourteen months, I’ve been deeply grieved over the Benghazi murders with my emotions running between absolutely furious to shocked and back to furious. In no case should an American Embassy or Consulate be attacked and destroyed, like Benghazi was, and the horrific loss of life that was sacrificed on that sad day. And, no matter what the Hillary says, it does matter! It matters every day for those who lost their loved ones. It matters every day to me!

These past six weeks the television channels have been screaming loudly regarding Obamacare – and the hideous flub up that it is and that we knew it would be. Of course, the Teflon Man in the White House ‘had no idea…!’ Right!

What is really behind the clouds of “what does it matter” and “I had no idea”?

Behind the smoke screen is a wizard that is working diligently to take control of the United States of America, and maybe has already succeeded in doing so. That little wizard is a gigantic monster that hates freedom, people who have a right to decide about their own lives. He hates independence. He hates America and all she stands for. And, I have to believe he hates God! Yes, I do believe that. No one knows for sure who is pulling the strings of that wizard – or maybe he’s doing it himself – but the intent is evil to the core.

We are watching storm clouds rise, twist, turn and become dark and angry as Islam becomes more deeply ingrained in American society through “politically correct” oriented judges, city councils, schools, and citizens. I’ve searched my mind to learn when the term politically correct became an American standard. I believe the first time I ever heard that term – politically correct – was from the lips of Hillary Clinton, but what does that matter?

Well  – it does. For the first time in the history of the United States, due to the introduction of this Marxist ideology, Americans – including me – stop to think about what they are writing or saying. Never, did I ever think I would say that about these United States of America.

Behind the clouds a very ugly storm is brewing. America is in deep trouble financially, our health care has just gone out the window due to the ineptness of the current White House and there is talk of Hillary running in 2016.

I stand here before you today, as a Christian, as a Zionist and as a confused Republican (wondering what else there is) and say, “It does matter!” The storm clouds of 2014 are just around the corner and we are going to hear a lot of nasty finger pointing – in the end, if we don’t go to the polls as educated voters, we may very well never get the chance to go to the polls again. Behind the clouds is a man who would declare himself king – will you bow before the king or will you, like Mordechai, have the strength and faith to stand strong?

Look deep into what is happening in this country, educate yourself and then be prepared to fight the fight of your life to hold onto what is left of these United States of America. May God have mercy on us.




About heartlandheartbeat

Margy Pezdirtz has been a leader in the Christian Zionist movement for over twenty-five years. She has diligently worked as an activist in the church and community to increase awareness of Israel, to teach on Judeo-Christian relationships, and to promote the cause of Israel in whatever manner deemed necessary. It is her firm belief that in order to make a difference in the church, and the world, for the cause of Israel, a solid network of like-minded people has to be established at the grass roots level.
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One Response to Behind the Clouds

  1. Theresa S. says:

    Very well put and I agree 100 %!!! Bittersweet living in this generation having seen America at her highest and now watching her crumble at the hands of tyranny!!!! Stand strong and pray
    God’s will be done and quickly!!!!

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