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Twelve Minutes

Shaped like a large fiddlehead fern, Hurricane Erin danced across the Atlantic Ocean toward the eastern coastline of the United States, moving like a giant snake threatening to strike at anytime. She had begun her journey from the coast of … Continue reading

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When Is a Lie a Lie?

This week has been a week of much watching as President Donald J Trump and his wife have flown from country to country on a very busy tour of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian lands of Saudi Arabia, Israel and … Continue reading

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Cashless Society?

Sometimes catch phrases float through the air, wafting like an airless balloon, yet we don’t stop to pull them down and find out what they actually mean. I began to find out some of that a few days ago when … Continue reading

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Gate 22

I have never thought of a gate at an airport serving as a Rite of Passage – but today it did. My sixteen year old granddaughter, a/k/a Angel Baby, walked through that gate at the airport alone – alone that … Continue reading

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A Theology of Lies

I read somewhere that doing the same things over and over again expecting different results was a true indication of insanity. So it is with the PLO/Gaza/Palestinians/Hezbollah theology. Theirs is a theology built on lies, lies without foundation but lies … Continue reading

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A Real Man – A Real Warrior

“And when He broke the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.” Rev. 8:1 Today there was a brief taste of what that silence might feel like, of how heavy it will be, of how … Continue reading

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Ft. Hood, Again

My heart grieves over yesterday’s shootings at Ft. Hood, America’s largest Army base. As I understand it now, sixteen were injured, three were killed plus the shooter – Ivan Lopez – who shot and killed himself after being confronted by … Continue reading

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