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Solution or More of the Same?

There has been a great deal written, and spoken, in the last few days about the terrible shooting in Parkland, Florida, which took the lives of 17 innocent children. In the moments of our intense shock, despair, grief, frustration and … Continue reading

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Vive La France!

In recent days, the term “Long Live France” has taken on a new meaning. In absolute fury, we’ve watched as Islamic Terrorists have attacked the Charlie Hedbo offices for nothing more than having printed satirical cartoons against Mohammed, Hitler, Bush, … Continue reading

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Ft. Hood, Again

My heart grieves over yesterday’s shootings at Ft. Hood, America’s largest Army base. As I understand it now, sixteen were injured, three were killed plus the shooter – Ivan Lopez – who shot and killed himself after being confronted by … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Christmas is a time of heart warming songs, sweet memories, traditional celebrations, gifts, joy, love and family. For most American families, it is precisely that although we are told that it is also one of the years most depressive seasons, … Continue reading

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No Firearms Allowed

An interesting thing happened last week, quite by accident. I learned that I am being excluded from entering several businesses in the Oklahoma City Metroplex area. I am a female Caucasian, over 21, a Christian, a grandmother, the head of … Continue reading

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