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The Lottery!

The first time I heard of the Lottery for a foreigner to gain entry into the United States was about fourteen years ago when David and I still had our apartment in Jerusalem. One night we were entertaining a friend … Continue reading

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The Quandry

I just read a quick quip embedded in an article about Republican Candidate for President, Donald J. Trump. In the article the woman said, “I’ll vote for Trump when I know what’s in it for me.” Hmmm. ‘What’s in it … Continue reading

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Hatred’s Bullet

The last few months have been times of great turmoil in our country. I’ve watched with disdain, dismay and a tremendous amount of concern as the situation in Ferguson, MO, has been fanned in flames of destruction and despair. I’m … Continue reading

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New High School Principal!

I did not write this article, but I wish I had. It was sent to me by a friend. The author is Dennis Prager, someone whose thoughts and writings I appreciate and trust completely. A Speech Every  American High School … Continue reading

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Where’s John Wayne When We Need Him?

It isn’t exactly the shot heard around the world, but it is definitely a bell tolling and it isn’t for American freedom. In all actuality, it is another twist of the screeching screw we’ve been hearing turn in the backs … Continue reading

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Whose Rights Trump Whose Rights?

The Bill of Rights set out some pretty terrific rules – and rights – that American citizens are to enjoy. Our Founding Fathers wanted this to be a nation free of the bondage their forefathers had fled in Europe. In … Continue reading

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It’s 2014! Can You Believe It?

Happy New Year! Who would ever have thought we would see 2014- or – for that matter, there would ever be a 2014! After all, wasn’t the world supposed to expire, die, disappear, go away or  something terrifically tragic would … Continue reading

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