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The Lottery!

The first time I heard of the Lottery for a foreigner to gain entry into the United States was about fourteen years ago when David and I still had our apartment in Jerusalem. One night we were entertaining a friend … Continue reading

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The War of the Gods . . . Again!

“The Mufti of Jerusalem has issued a ruling for his congregants in response to newly added metal detectors at all nine gates in the Old City: Any Muslim who goes to pray at the Mosques via the Zionist metal detectors, … Continue reading

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The Russians Are Coming!

Oh my – run! Run! Run! Run for your lives. The Russians are coming! They are going to kill us. They are going to torture us. They are going to cook us and eat us. Run! Run! Run! Hide. There … Continue reading

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UNESCO Knows it All!

Today I had to tie a rope around my head to keep it from flying off my shoulders! It wasn’t the Oklahoma wind that was blowing but it was another hot wind that has caused me to nearly blow my … Continue reading

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A Matter of Color

There probably isn’t a sane person in the United States that isn’t upset over the murderous attack on white policemen in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night, July 7, at the end of a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration and rally. The … Continue reading

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  Soapy water makes a lazy, circular spin, yawning and stretching as it moves slowly toward the drain where it is invited to come on down where ‘the slide is easy.’ Sometimes it leaves a residue that has to be … Continue reading

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Is It a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It’s Spy Duck!

Sometimes stupidity introduces hilarity. Can you believe Israel sent a “spy balloon” into Turkey? How do they know Israel did it? Well, it was a blow up balloon, white with a blue Magen David (Star of David) on it. This is … Continue reading

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