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2013 A Year of Challenges

As I write this, I’m pondering this week’s elections in Israel. Thankfully, Bibi Netanyhu won re-election and will continue as Prime Minister, but the win wasn’t as strong as we had hoped it would be which puts him in a … Continue reading

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Our Last Independence Day?

I wrote this article three years ago, on the eve of the election … I was passionate then and I’m still passionate today. I was worried then and even more so today – for our country. I watch with absolute … Continue reading

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A Man’s Castle?

Ah, the American Dream. The Israeli Dream, for that matter. To own, live in, pay for and enjoy your own home. To have a place that is yours, where you are king, your wife is queen and your children feel … Continue reading

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When No One Else Will

When I was a child my parents taught me specific things that were to carry over into adulthood and become building blocks for the foundation of my life’s standards. Things like honesty, integrity, loyalty to God and country, loyalty to … Continue reading

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Fair vs Fear

I should be use to it by now, but I’m not. Never in my life would I have believed that the so-called leaders of this country would bow down to a Muslim ideology, but I’m seeing it in every venue. … Continue reading

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Where Is Sarah?

I just read an article in Arutz Sheva about another eviction of Jews from Jewish homes on Jewish land in a Jewish country by Jewish police. This time, it was from Mitzpe Yericho, a community between Jerusalem and Jericho. If … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Christmas is a time of heart warming songs, sweet memories, traditional celebrations, gifts, joy, love and family. For most American families, it is precisely that although we are told that it is also one of the years most depressive seasons, … Continue reading

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