Results? What Results?

So now the talking heads of the media, who think they know more than anyone else in the entire world, are talking — at length, mind you — about Donald J Trump’s saying he would “look at the results” of the election. ‘Oh my. What a misstatement!’ they are saying. ‘This will finish him.’

Really? Why should Donald J. Trump agree now to abide by the election, no matter who wins. He agreed, as did the other innumerable Republican candidates, to support the nominee. It was a big deal. The GOP leadership even made a big display of going to Trump Tower to get his signature on the line. But what about the other 15 candidates? They said they would stand by the nominee but that hasn’t happened.

Reluctantly, the boy Rubio finally said he would vote for Trump but he withheld his endorsement. Cruz, the seemingly leader of the pack who lost to the biggest Trump, withheld his endorsement, be that as it was, of Trump until September 23, only 7 ½ weeks prior to the election. Although not a gusto endorsement, he did say he would vote for Trump. Now that’s nobility for you.

Since it has been proven that some people, Paul Ryan for instance, are not trustworthy and look for any excuse to Dump Trump why would he agree to such a thing this far out. And, there are already all kinds of proofs that the Democrats are truly rigging the election. I think of James O’Keefe and his Veritas Project videos:

Then there is the 2,000 election of President George W. Bush. Remember that one? Gore vs Bush. First Gore conceded the election to Bush then when he found out how close it was he pulled his concession statement. Off to court they went. Finally, Gore surrendered again saying “he felt certain the election was stolen…” There is no question that where elections are considered, hanky panky seems to be accepted. Remember the Black Panthers in Chicago with voter intimidation? Yea, that was in the Obama election.

Then there is the video posted by “Protecting the USA” about two months ago showing 8 people voting on a machine, 6 voted “no”, two voted “yes” but the machine registered 7 yes and 1 no. I can’t find the link to it but it is on my Facebook page if you want to wrangle with that.

The point is, none of us know how this election is going to turn out. What is wrong with waiting to see before we make a decision on whether to stand with the vote or not. After all, last time I looked we still had a little freedom left.



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UNESCO Hammers it Down!

Sometimes I wonder where the sane people are. Surely there are some out there somewhere.

It wasn’t enough that the UNESCO (United Nations Education, Security and Cultural Organization) had the audacity to put forth a committee vote to re-name all of Israel’s very Jewish religious sites, they pushed it through to a formal vote in spite of the uproar from nations around the world. How can you do that? How can you, in a country that is predominately one religion, go in and say ‘nothing in this country pertains to your religion’? Furthermore, they chastised Israel from trying to protect her holy sites from Muslims!

So what would the world think if suddenly there was a UNESCO vote to deny Brazil’s ownership of the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, or China’s Great Wall, or Egypt’s Pyramids or any other sacred site of the twenty-six nations voting against Israel? What would happen then? Most likely, nothing. The fingers always point at Israel. The hatred is always directed toward Israel.

Most likely the causation for this issue to even be brought before UNESCO was the fact that Jews have been trying to pray on their Temple Mount. There has been an ever increasing move, by Jews and Christians alike, that both faiths should have the freedom to pray there just as the Muslims do. The Temple Mount is a Jewish site. It has belonged to the Jews even before King David established his reign in Israel. It has belonged to the Jews through wars, famines, pestilence, and the quietude of no one caring about the barren wasteland for generations. Then the Jews came home!

I am a Christian and frequent flyer to Israel and I have had to get special permission to even go on the Temple Mount. Once on the Temple Mount, if they are allowed to go there, Christians and Jews are followed around. If their mouths move and they even look like they are praying, the Muslims start screaming for the police to throw the perpetrators off the Mount! Yes this peaceful religion called Islam will not allow any other religion the peace and quietude of walking on the Mount let alone praying there.

As a Christian visiting Israel, I have the right to pray anywhere except the Temple Mount. Jews, whether they are citizens or visitors of Israel, have the right to pray anywhere except their own Temple Mount. And Muslims, yep – them too! Muslims have the right to pray anywhere in Israel, including the Temple Mount. Where, or where, does this type of UNESCO vote come from? The depths of anti-Semitism and hatred have to be the source.

Additionally, the Mexican Ambassador to UNESCO, Andres Roemer, a Jew, was the only national leader that had the intestinal fortitude to walk out of the voting session. He seriously considered rendering his resignation to the Mexican government but was talked out of it by the Israeli government encouraging him to stay. He has since been fired by Mexico.

So how will this all end? God knows. In the end, God will have His way! Whether this vote is the torch the lights the fire toward WWIII or the final battle against Israel, I don’t know. I do know, I will remain on Israel’s side as that is the only safe side to be on. I am thankful that I have that knowledge. What about you?



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UNESCO Knows it All!

Today I had to tie a rope around my head to keep it from flying off my shoulders! It wasn’t the Oklahoma wind that was blowing but it was another hot wind that has caused me to nearly blow my top!

UNESCO – ever heard of them? It stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Now does that sound familiar? Their motto is “Building peace in the minds of men and women.” That is all so nice sounding. Building peace. Education. Scientific. Cultural. Hmmm. There are so many things about this name and motto that I could address; however, there is one issue that we need to explore.

UNESCO has passed a resolution which refers to the Temple Mount only by its Muslim names. It also deplores and condemns several Israeli actions on the site.

UNESCO, in a statement regarding the resolution, “…Strongly condemns the escalating Israeli aggressions and illegal measures against the Awqaf Department and its personnel, and against the freedom of worship and Muslims’ access to their Holy Site Al-Aqṣa Mosque/Al-Ḥaram Al-Sharif.”

However, it (UNESCO) recognizes “the importance of the Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls for the three monotheistic religions.” (The Times of Israel, October 13, 2016).

Can/should man re-write history? According to the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedric Hegel, “What experience and history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history,…” If man does not learn from history, then what good is history?

Israel’s Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, actually wrote Irinia Bokova, UNESCO’s chief, accusing the cultural body of denying history in Jerusalem, “in order to placate and accommodate the anti-Israel – if not anti-Semitic – motions put forward by Arab and Muslim states.” He went on to say, “UNESCO is obligated to teach facts, not rewrite history. In this case, thousands of years of tradition, combined with archeological evidence, paints a clear picture. Two Jewish temples stood on the site centuries before Islam was introduced to the world. …”


This year, 2016, is the 5777th Jewish calendar year, counting from the time of the creation story of Genesis 1. Three thousand plus years ago, King David, of Jewish blood and heritage, made Jerusalem the capital of Israel and reigned from the City of David, which is next to the Temple Mount. He worshipped the Lord God in the Holy Tabernacle on the Temple Mount and his son, King Solomon, built the first Temple in either 970 or 971 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). That Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II after the Siege of Jerusalem of 587 BCE. During the 70 years that the Jews were in captivity by the Babylonians, the Temple area fell into terrible disrepair actually resulting in a massive junk pile, and stayed that way until the Jews returned to Israel during the reign of Cyrus the Great in approximately 516 B.C.E.

Years later, under the tutelage of Herod the great, the Temple was expanded, refurbished and the Temple Mount was extended. That was the same Temple Jesus of Nazareth utilized when he went up to Jerusalem for the various festivals. Only in 70 A.D. (Anno Domini) was that Temple destroyed by the Romans and remains so to this day.

Along comes Islam. Never was Mohammed in Israel. Nor was his horse. Nor were his dreams. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in the 7th Century (that’s A.D.) founded the Muslim religion which he copied from Judaism and Christianity as well as adding his own imaginations. There is no indication he was ever there; however, years later his followers showed up in Israel.

In approximately 691 A.D., the Dome of the Rock was built in Jerusalem. That dome collapsed in 1016 only to be rebuilt in 1021. According to Wikipedia it is, “It has been called “Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmark,” and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with two nearby Temple Mount structures, the Western Wall, and the “Resurrection Rotunda” in the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  In approximately 1193 A.D., the Mosque of Omar was built on the Temple Mount. Never did Mohammed, who died June 8, 632 A.D., go to that mosque, attend that mosque or see that mosque, although the mosque was already 59 years old when he died. Mohammed, who was born approximately 570 A.D. in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, certainly would have gone to see the Dome if he had any connection with it, at all!

Wikipedia has this to say about the Dome of the Rock, “According to some Islamic scholars, the rock is the spot from which the Islamic prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. Further, Muhammad was taken here by Gabriel to pray with AbrahamMoses, and JesusOther Islamic scholars believe that the Prophet ascended to Heaven from the [neighboring]Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

In the last week, UNESCO passed a resolution on the Temple Mount/Western Wall that omits any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall. Imagine that!

The interesting thing in all of this is that every time something like this happens another clue, or proof, that Jewish heritage for the Temple Mount shows up in the dirt pile that was illegally removed from it by the Arabs/Muslims bulldozing their way through history. Those artifacts have been a seal rom the time of King David, a ring, a bell from the robe of the High Priest all found in the debris or in a site very near the Temple Mount. All of these artifacts are Jewish in nature adding proof to the fact that this is, indeed, Jewish territory, UNESCO vote or not.

While the holy courts of UNESCO has voted to remove Jewish names from these religious sites, the God of Israel will have his way!

Jeremiah 32 is correct. Israel had to not only buy the land but put the deed in an earthen jar and seal it for the time to come. They did that yet they still fight for the land that is theirs. This, my friends, is a history I would not deem to re-write!

The following is a breakdown of how the nations of the world voted on this week’s UNESCO resolution that omits any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall. Twenty four nations, all with high Arabic or Muslim populations, voted for the resolution. Those nations are: South Africa, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, the Dominican Republic, Senegal, Sudan, Chad and Vietnam.

Six nations voted against the resolution: Britain, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the US.

Twenty-six nations abstained from the vote: Albania, Argentina, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, Spain, France, Ghana, Greece, Haiti, India, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Paraguay, South Korea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine

Absent: Turkmenistan and Serbia


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Hatred’s Long Finger Kills Again

Hatred’s Long Finger Kills Again.

It has happened again. Perhaps, in a way, it has never stopped happening. The calendar year of 2016 has seen 42 innocent people murdered and 550 injured in terrorist attacks in Israel. Sunday was another one of those days.

The ‘quiet’ of the last few weeks in Israel was shattered on Sunday, October 9, as a prison bound terrorist decided to leave his mark on history and destroy the lives of the family of Levana Malihi, a “beloved 60-year-old-grandmother” and 1st Sgt. Yosef Kirma, a 29-year-old Israeli policeman who had married only five months before. The reason for the deaths: a terrorist that was choosing suicide by cop rather than reporting for a four month long prison sentence that very morning.

While the families of Mrs. Malihi and officer Kirma were devastated, left to mourn the untimely loss of their loved ones, the family of the murderer danced in the streets of east Jerusalem celebrating his deed. They didn’t mourn him. Indeed, they celebrated him. He was a ‘martyr for the cause’. Yes, his life was taken by the Israeli police which I am sure the international community will say was unjust response to his murdering rampage. What was the cause? Hatred.

Five other innocent civilians of Israel were injured in the murderous rampage. One woman was just sitting in her car when he drove by and shot her. Others were waiting for the light rail train stop at Ammunition Hill, most likely pondering the holidays and the upcoming Fast of Yom Kippur which would begin on Tuesday.

What was the reason for the hideous attack? The attacker was well known to police. He had recently been indicted for multiple counts of incitement to violence, calling for an uprising against Israel to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Additionally, he was an ardent supporter of terror organizations on social media. He was truly a fine, upstanding citizen of Israel – and he was that, a citizen of Israel, with all the rights that carried.

He didn’t really care who he killed. He just wanted to kill. His anger, whipped by his own self-radicalization, called for him to kill Jews wherever they were, whether it was innocently sitting in a car or standing at a stop for public transportation. Hatred is hatred. Hatred drives people to kill. He killed. In the end, he, too, was killed. What was it all about? His hatred. The Hatred harbored by Hamas, by Islam, by those who do not know how or wish to live in peace.

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Succot in a Non-Jewish Home

My husband and I were blessed to have been able to go to Israel numerous times and eventually maintain a home in Jerusalem. It was such a blessing to be there in the Land amongst our Jewish friends for their special holidays. They always invited us to come and participate and we did, soaking up the customs and traditions and learning much from them.

David and I were saddened when he became ill and we could no longer travel to Israel. That first fall, as the time for Succot (Feast of Tabernacles) was coming I felt I had to do something to satisfy our longing to be in Israel. All of a sudden I knew what I should do – we would celebrate Succot here in our own back yard in Oklahoma! It was a wildly, wonderfully, crazy idea but it was right! David said, “You are crazy!” I said, “Yes, I know. But if we can’t be in Israel then let’s bring Israel to us.” And we did.

I borrowed a garage size, beautiful white tent from my son to be used as the succa.. He and his friend even came and put it up in the back yard over the patio, leaving the roof off because one of the traditions is that you are supposed to use palm fronds for the roof so you can see the stars. There aren’t palm fronds in Oklahoma and I didn’t think it would be prudent to have any shipped in so we did the next best thing. I dashed off to the big box store and bought 4’x8′ white lattice pieces for our roof – 10 beautifully white pieces of plastic that would allow us to see the stars.

Derryk, our son, and his friend, figured out how to make the lattice stay on the pitched roof frame by using rope. After all, this is to be a temporary structure so the rope was a perfect solution. I strung a long outdoor extension cord to the succa and we hooked up twinkling lights I had found at the hardware store to light the interior of the succa. We hung beautiful blue and white decorations that closely resembled Christmas ornaments, extending them from the pitch of the open roof to where they were closer to us. Blue and silver garland added a festive flare as we looped it from one end of the succa and back again.

Relying on the memories of my friends’ succas in Israel, we hung fruits (plastic, of course) that represented the season, artificial birds, and whatever else seemed appropriate. We invited our friends to come and be a part of this amazing succa, bringing whatever ornaments they wanted to hang in it.

Perhaps the thing that pleased and excited both David and me the most was the 8 x 10 full color photos of our Israeli friends that I printed out, placed into plastic protective sleeves and affixed on the sides of the tent. Truly, our friends could be there with us and they were, in spirit if no other way.

God favored us with wonderful weather for the eight days and we enjoyed almost every meal in the succa. Even though David was somewhat frail, he was determined to make it out to the yard, to sit in the succa and remember the sights, sounds and smells of our beloved Israel at this time of the year. What had been a crazy idea had turned into a wonderful blessing for us personally and for our Oklahoma friends as well.

Over the years, we enjoyed the succa, shared it with others, answered questions of neighbors walking by on the pathway that runs behind our houses and, in general, have loved it. It became a tradition that we loved, a joy to those that participated in the work – and it is work – of putting it up, taking it down and storing it away.

With all of the preparations for the succa, we experienced the joy of doing something that God had ordained for no other reason than we wanted to. It truly was a joy. It became a tremendous time of teaching as we shared with others. To this day, I would recommend anyone consider erecting their own succa – it doesn’t have to be a garage sized tent, but whatever you can put up for a short time – 8 days – and participated in a Feast of the Lord.

Shana Tovah.





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The Quandry

I just read a quick quip embedded in an article about Republican Candidate for President, Donald J. Trump. In the article the woman said, “I’ll vote for Trump when I know what’s in it for me.”

Hmmm. ‘What’s in it for me…’ Isn’t that what got us – America – into the place we are in now? Wasn’t the reason Barak Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States because he promised all kinds of things for the ‘me-ism-people’? I think it was. I remember specifically one lady of color screaming, “He’s gonna give me things. A phone. All kinds of things.” I also remember another woman, I believe she was a single mom, telling her daughter “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgate….” I wonder how that worked for her.

Really! Is that really what we want in America. The me-ism is what got us where we are now. People were so focused on what we could get that we failed to see what we would get was a country divided almost to the point of civil war. Is that really what we want now?

What ever happened to Kennedy’s statement, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Are we so far away from the Kennedy era that we can’t remember a statement that is so poignant? Apparently we are.

In the embedded quote in the article I read, the lady said, “The notion that you can talk about people and say, ‘We’re not going to let you into our country, we’re going to deport you because of your religion’ – this has happened to us, more than once, and we need to pay attention.’” Indeed, we do need to pay attention.

Few Americans understand the lady’s reference to her past as a Jew – not hers specifically but that of the Jewish people. We here in America stand guilty of rejecting the S.S. St. Louis in the spring of 1939, a ship loaded with Jews who were seeking asylum in Cuba and/or the United States ( That ship was refused landing privileges and sent back to Germany where many on board eventually perished in the hideous Holocaust. Although I am not Jewish, I believe I understand her frustration and her fears. There was a difference though.

The Jews on that ship did not wish to kill us. They merely wanted to be free people, to escape Hitler and his minions. Their motives were clear and precious; ours were not. That is a tragedy we Americans who grew up and were educated in public schools know little about; however, American Jews who were educated in Jewish schools know a great deal about that. It is one of those things our country did that we should all be ashamed of.

But, back to my point. The 908 Jewish refugees on that ship sought only life for themselves and their families, current and future. They were willing to come to a new country and be a vital part of that country. On the other hand, there is no clarity on the so-called Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe and wanting to come to America. While I have a heart that says ‘let them come’ my head says, ‘why are they all young men of fighting age and few families? What is their intent? Where are the families?’. Therein is the problem.

One group of people wanted to come to America and become citizens, to work beside us and help grow our country. The goals of the other group is unclear but many of us, me included, question their integrity and their agenda. Since they are young men that look healthy, why aren’t they staying in their country and fighting for the freedom and liberation of their country instead of fleeing? Where are their families? What is their ultimate goal?

While I hear the lady’s heart and concerns, I do not agree with her. Our borders have been open entirely too long. It is time for us to shut the borders, establish clear criteria for coming to this country and then enforce it. There isn’t room for any more murderers in this country. If the last two weekends – Dallas and Baton Rouge – don’t lay witness to that, then what does? I am going to have to agree with Candidate Trump. Shut the borders. Build a fence. Become discerning about who comes into this country. If they cannot prove their intent, then send them back.

Basically, ‘what can I do for my country?’ I can stand guard on a border and I can watch and pray. I can pray that people like this dear lady stop and think – it is important that we think about our country. I am all for helping the down trodden and I am all for LEGAL immigration. I have no pity or compassion for those who try to come in illegally. Let us protect our country then we can better help people who genuinely need it.

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A Matter of Color

There probably isn’t a sane person in the United States that isn’t upset over the murderous attack on white policemen in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night, July 7, at the end of a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration and rally. The march was peaceful, quietly guarded by the very same police that black leaders are espousing annihilation of. The rally was mixed with whites, blacks and other races and it was peaceful. Then the shots rang out!

Undoubtedly America was shocked as shot after shot was fired while rally attenders ran for cover, away from the directions the bullets were coming from. As these citizens ran from the fire Dallas policemen, along with those from other nearby cities, ran toward the sounds of the shots. In the end, five policemen were murdered and seven more were injured by the rampaging sniper. There wasn’t anything fair about it. It was out and out murder by a hate filled, well trained, well thought out shooter with the intent to kill and destroy white cops.

Since then, we’ve heard story after story of heroism as those who were there tell of policemen protecting them and putting themselves in the line of fire. I listened today as lovely Shetamia Taylor told of sustaining the gunshot injury to her leg. In the interview by the media, she sobbed as she praised and repeatedly thanked the policeman that covered her with his body. Shetamia is black; the policeman shielding her with his own body was white.

Shetamia told of how the police surrounded her, got her and her son into a badly shot up police car and drove her, on sparking rims, to the hospital where she received treatment and remains today. She is expected to fully recover from her injuries; the trauma is another story.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon, something I don’t normally do on Sunday but considering a terribly busy week ahead of me, I succumbed to the urge to get it done. The store was busy. As I walked up and down the isles, I wondered what we could do for our local police to encourage them and let them know we stand with them.

Without even thinking about it I stopped a black couple apologizing for the intrusion. I asked them if they knew or understood what the problem was. They didn’t. The lady, a very nice person, said she thought it went back a long, long way to before they were born. I was astonished by this answer.

I said, “No. That’s not true. I’m old enough to remember the 60s and 70s and there was a problem then but I thought it was solved, at least from my perspective. I don’t know what it is but it is more recent than that. We live in a beautiful country and we are destroying it with this crap.” They agreed. We parted cordially and went our own ways. I wasn’t sure why I stopped them other than I wanted to hear their thoughts on the issue. They were as puzzled as I am.

As I walked the isles of the store I continued to think about it. It came to me it isn’t a matter of the color of someone’s skin, it is about the color of their heart. Our hearts are supposed to be open and loving yet somewhere along the line, they have been colored by someone’s hatred and lies and now our hearts are black, dead and decaying.

This isn’t all that different than the Palestinian hatred being espoused in Israel by the PLO to innocent children. Several years ago, I sat with a child psychologist at a social gathering in Israel and we talked about “the problem” at hand, that of hatred being taught to the Palestinian children from the time they breathe their first breath. My question was, “How do we overcome this? How do we erase it?”

She said, “That’s the problem. No one knows. We’ve never been faced with this before and we don’t know how to fix it, even if there was peace today.” That was a sad thought, even peace wouldn’t stop the hatred.

What will then? Again, it is a matter of the heart. Our leaders, including President Obama, need to stop instigating hatred. They need to quit jumping to conclusions before they get all the facts. Black preachers need to start preaching love instead of hatred and white preachers need to start preaching the love of Jesus – He loved everyone and reached out to them where they were. It can only start with each person. We all have to take responsibility. We have to smile and be pleasant and reach out to the black community, even when maybe we don’t want to.

Black communities have to start cleaning up their own act, now! There isn’t time to start doing it tomorrow. They must begin teaching and showing responsibility at every level from teachers, to homes, to businesses. Men need to stay at home, marry their “girl friends” who have carried and delivered their children. Take responsibility. Be part of the solution instead of the problem

The white community – my community – has to take responsibility as well. There is so much anger and hatred in this country right now that we are as explosive as that shooter on July 7 that destroyed the lives of so many. The vitriol coming out of Washington – from the floor of Congress, the floor of the Senate and the White House – has to stop, immediately. There is no reason for it. Stop it. Put an end to all of this.

It isn’t about guns. It isn’t about black people against white people or white people against black people. It isn’t about white policemen shooting black people. It is about hatred. We are all God’s children. We have a common enemy called Islam and if we are going to survive that, then we must stand together and put a stop to this hatred and it has to stop now. We are all experiencing frustration over the current divide in America that started at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but acting out on those frustrations won’t fix the situation. We must start acting responsibly. Be a part of the solution. Stand up and call for love. Show love. Be love.

I ask you, the reader, what is the color of your heart? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution. Is your heart red and loving or is it dying and decaying, a victim of the hatred? You can put a stop to this now, if you will. Don’t be a victim of hatred; be a vessel of love.




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