Sometimes I just get disgusted. Today is one of those times.

This morning I was driving my son to the airport so I had the radio on in the car, which is about the only time I listen to the radio. I was listening to an audio “clip” of President Trump saying, “We have people coming into the country or trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”
Of course, the media is going nuts! They are only reporting the above portion of what he said which is taking it out of context and completely spinning the statement. In actuality, President Trump was in a meeting with a group of California leaders who are very worried about the current situation and don’t want to be a part of the sanctuary city/state program the leftist communists are pushing on them. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims was telling that even if they – the police/sheriff – think someone in their jail is connected to or a part of MS13 and are here illegally, they can’t tell ICE.
It was to this statement that President Trump made his statement, in essence agreeing with her that there is a huge problem and it has to be dealt with. According to Wikipedia, “MS13 stands for Mara Salvatrucha. MS-13 is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1980s. The gang later spread to many parts of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, and is active in urban and suburban areas. Most members are of Central American origin, principally El Salvador.”
I have never been to El Salvador, nor do I wish to go. But I do know enough about the country that a friend, who was serving there as a missionary, had to live in a gated community and have security protection due to the violence in that country. She told of the wonderful people there who are victims of MS13. But it isn’t just El Salvador. If we’ve paid any attention at all then we know that MS13 is alive and well in the United States, in fact it was born here – in California America – the sanctuary state!
The violence, brutality, rape, murders, robberies and other crimes committed by MS13 are always over the top. They are animals in their mannerisms, in their disregard for life, even in the way they treat their own members. They are a group of people that truly are less than human in morals and dogmas. Yet the media chooses to take out of context a statement that President Trump made, which in my opinion is true, and blow it out of proportion.
What will it take to awaken the media? What will it take to awaken some of the “famous” people that are openly taking the side of these criminals? Will it take their being victims of MS13 or illegals? Or will their families and friends have to suffer as victims before they see how bad these people are? What price will they have to pay before they grow up and realize that President Trump is correct?
We finally have a President that is a man of his word. We finally have a President that is willing to take a stand and I sometimes wonder if there is no one that will stand with him. It is time for the media to tell the truth. If they don’t then the blood spilled by MS13 is, essentially, on their hands. That same blood is on the hands of Congress, if they don’t build the wall, and on all of those who are against the wall and for sanctuary for these criminals.
Personally, I don’t wish ill on anyone, but if it has to happen then I hope it is to the people who are coddling the illegals, the MS13 criminals, the no-wall screamers. No one should have to suffer but someone will. How sad that will be when it could have been prevented had those with the power – that includes the media – done something about it instead of trying to protect them.
They say the pen is mightier than the sword – if MS13 comes against media people I hope their pens are sharp as they will have gotten rid of guns, protective devices, the wall and on and on. But that’s another part of the story!

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Embassy Moved to Jerusalem!


May 14, 2018


What a great day this is! Long in the works. Promised many, many times but not brought to fruition until today – but at long last, the American Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of the Sovereign State of Israel!

We have prayed for this day to come. We believe this move is not only biblically and spiritually correct, it is a statement – to the world – that the United States stands with Israel now and into the future.

This was a bold move, one that many declared to be disastrous, but it is a great move and we are excited. Watching the ceremonies this morning, I saw many faces that I knew, many that I recognized and many that have been in the forefront of this process for a very long time. To them, I say “Well done!”

It has been 160 days since December 6, 2017, when President Donald J Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and declared that we would move our embassy up to Jerusalem. One hundred sixty days – that’s 4 x 40 – for those of you that watch biblical numbers. Think about it.

Senate Bill 1322, the Jerusalem Relocation Implementation Act, was passed on October 24, 1995. It took 22 years, 6 months, 22 days (8,238 days) and four presidents until President Donald J Trump took the initiative and made the relocation happen.

Mark this day on your calendar. Tell your children and your grandchildren that you witnessed history today. Mark it in your memories as this is the day that America stood the tallest we’ve ever stood.

May God bless us for taking this stand and may He permanently unite the United States and Israel as true friends and allies.


God bless Israel – God bless America!



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At What Point…?

I am so amazed. In this one half of a week, President Donald J Trump has turned down the Iran deal, declaring it the mess that it is/was and saying he’s willing to renegotiate another deal but refuses to continue with this lop sided one. While that is happening, the newly sworn in Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is on a plane headed to North Korea to pick up three Americans of Korean descent who have been held there in prison. Two of the men had been arrested and held since the Trump presidency, obviously as bargaining chips by Rocket Man. It didn’t work.

Remember the Otto Warmbeir situation?

The previous administration, under the illustrious Barak Hussein Obama, had refused to do anything significant to help Otto, a 20 year old college student from the University of Virginia. After pleading guilty to the serious crime of ‘taking a political poster’ for a souvenir from a wall in his hotel room, he was arrested at the airport and charged with the ‘crime’ and sentenced to 15 years at hard labor. In 17 months, Otto was dead. Tortured to death by North Korea.

Was the same fate going to fall on the other three Americans that were in North Korean prisons? No one knew for sure. What we do know is that we had a President – a real one – that drew a real line – not in sand but in concrete – and stood on that line. He demanded that the three men be released and returned to United States custody before any negotiations began.

Meanwhile, the politically astute media determined that President Trump was insane, unfit for office, and spiking a nuclear war with North Korea. If that wasn’t enough, they insisted that his calling the fat little dictator “Rocket Man” was undignified and would only make matters worse. However the real President was hot on the trail, pushing for release of the three men.

Remember Otto Warmbeir!

As I write this, the plane with the three men and Secretary Pompeo is still in the air, heading east towards Washington and true freedom. We won’t know the full details of the three men’s incarceration for some time, but what we do know is that President Trump, and his staff, succeeded in getting them out. Lines in concrete seem to speak loudly!

What happens now with Rocket Man is yet to be determined. A date and location for negotiations has been established. I don’t know what will happen but my money is on President Trump and the United States. Now that we have a real President, perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of what a real treaty looks like. Let us hope.

In the meantime, there is Iran. Don’t worry. I’m sure they will soon be ready to negotiate provided France, Germany, England and the European Union don’t bow to their ridiculous demands.

At what point will the American media and the ridiculous hate slingers in Washington realize that we have a man – a real man – in the White House and he is going to make a difference? That is a question I’d very much like to see answered.

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Solution or More of the Same?

There has been a great deal written, and spoken, in the last few days about the terrible shooting in Parkland, Florida, which took the lives of 17 innocent children. In the moments of our intense shock, despair, grief, frustration and anger we lash out with our tongues to point, blame, condemn and place all of the responsibility on someone else. Cool heads need to prevail.

As terrible as the loss of these lives is there are several things in the clamoring that bother me.

The shooter: There is no question this kid is mentally ill, but that doesn’t excuse the murderous actions he took. There is no excuse or reason to be made that can justify his actions.

In all of this, I’ve heard nothing about his birth parents. I’ve heard a great deal about his adoptive parents, that is, I’ve heard that his father died several years ago and his mother died in November from pneumonia. The word adopted is being used too much. Let’s get the records straight. Adopted is a permanent arrangement. Children are adopted by people who want to love and raise them as their own. It is a blessing for all parties no matter what tragedy ensues after the adoption.

We have numerous adopted people in our family and everyone of them is as real a member of the family as if they were blood relatives, conceived, birthed and raised by a ‘natural’ family member. They share the same in all instances and they inherit along with the rest of the family. They are genuine members of the family.

Using the term adopted to set Nickolas Cruz apart is not appropriate any more than saying an “SUV killed someone” as the media is want to do. That has nothing to do with it.

The tragedy for Nickolas Cruz is that he has had a hard life with a great deal of loss prior to this horrible event. That doesn’t excuse his actions nor does it explain them. Many people have experienced equally bad backgrounds and they turn out to be amazing people. It is about morals.

What does explain it? Obviously, he has been making a cry for help for a very long time but no one was listening. This wasn’t time to turn a deaf ear. It was time to do something to help him before it got to this point.

Some people did hear and they contacted those whom they thought could or would do something. That didn’t happen. The FBI didn’t respond. The school system didn’t respond properly yet they apparently knew he was volatile or they wouldn’t have told him he couldn’t come back on campus with a backpack. Why didn’t they call the mental health authorities or the police? There were signs, lots of signs. And people did say something, but no one listened.

The solution: I don’t have any solid answer to what the solution is but I’ve heard some great ideas. I do know enough to say ‘gun control’ isn’t the answer and it isn’t going to be fixed overnight.

Some of the ideas I’ve heard, which I think are great, is to have all schools guarded by retired and armed police and/or military. They are trained. They know what to do. With a little more training perhaps they can even learn to discern body language, if they don’t know it already. Schools are always crying “poor” so in order to implement this the suggestion was to have these positions be volunteer but with huge tax advantages. I say, ‘pay them’.

How can we afford to do that? Simple. Charge each family $1 per school month, per child for security. When we eat out in Israel we pay a surcharge for the security guard at the door that prevents a murderer from getting in. It’s money invested in my life, your life, the lives of our children. Kids go to school for free – perhaps it is time the parents invested something in that education. Even poor parents can afford a $1 per child per month.

Speaking of Israel – take a clue from them. There is never a group of 10 school kids on an outing without at least one parent there that is armed with an AK47 or the like. The guns are visible and the kids aren’t intimidated by them – they are protected by them. Why can’t we do that with our parents. I know, it is inconvenient but so is a funeral. It is time to get over ourselves and make us available to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Secure the schools: I’ve walked into schools – public and private – anytime during the day or for evening activities through doors that are unlocked, open and completely uncontrolled. Lock the doors! If all exterior doors are locked but have panic bars on them so people can get ‘out’ but not in, that would help. But it will only help if the doors are locked. Make each school have only one entrance, no matter how inconvenient that is for the kids and/or their parents. There can be a way through electronic admission that teachers can access the school if necessary. The thing is, if our schools are going to be safe, then we have to make them safe even if it is inconvenient for us.

Anyone caught blocking a door open should have to pay a large enough fine – materially – to hurt them so they don’t do it. You have to enforce what is put into place or it won’t work. Have a guard at the door. Randomly check back packs, purses, brief cases – whatever. Israel does it. No one is offended. It is expected. Israel doesn’t have school shootings.

Think it through: If people want to do harm to others, they’ll find a way to do it. If our children are safe and protected in school, we’ll all rest a little easier. But remember, it isn’t the gun. It isn’t the car that runs someone down. It isn’t the knife that stabs someone. It is the morals that are lost from our society. Ditch the electronic devices your family uses for at least an hour each evening and talk to your children. Find out what’s going on in their lives. Pay attention. Listen. Pay attention. Listen.

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Goodbye, So Long…..

It isn’t often that I read something on the internet that makes me laugh out loud, but today I did! And, I will say…it felt good. I laughed when I read that the co-founder of Hamas, Imad Al-Amani, 62, died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the face!

I am sorry if this offends you, but I’m not sorry he has died. Hamas is a terrible terrorist organization that has brought much anguish to Israel through terror attacks, lying accusations, and ongoing unrest. Do I cry when a terrorist dies? No. I don’t.

Al-Amani was just that – a terrorist! Not only did he help found and organize Hamas, an Islamic organization totally focused on the destruction of Israel and the death of Jews. While to some it seems like just another group struggling for freedom, the only struggle Hamas has focused on is death to Jews, in any way possible. He had lived in Syria until 2012 – perhaps the JV ISIS team scared him away – but he was living in Gaza when he died.

It seems that the talented terrorist was cleaning his gun – or maybe he was admiring it – in his home when it ‘went off hitting him in the face’. Poor baby. Of course, it wasn’t suicide. That would have been terrible for him to commit suicide and not take a bunch of innocent Israelis with him. And, there wasn’t even a video of him kissing the Koran or waving his gun or wearing a suicide belt. Nope. He was cleaning his gun and it went off! Ahhh, sweet justice.

I am sure he would have much preferred to have died in a glorious death at the hands of the Israelis, but that didn’t happen. Israel didn’t kill him. He killed himself, whether it was an accident or intentional I have no idea nor do I care. I am glad he is dead. I am thankful he is dead. May he have a suitable reward, wherever he ended up and may his virgin be 72 years old!

Am Israel Chai!

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Thirty Two Years Ago Today

When my boys were small we gathered around the television and watched every rocket that was launched into space. Those little guys were so intrigued by the beauty of the rockets going off and the great clouds of smoke and vapor they would churn from the launch site into the surrounding area and on into the atmosphere. It was great. We always had that patriotic thrill that this was something wonderful our country was doing – exploring the unknowns of space.

Life happened. My boys grew up and moved on with their lives. I was divorced, working full time and busy with my own life of church and friends. We knew the rockets were still being launched and we knew this special one was going up soon, the first flight to take one of America’s teachers with them but we weren’t as ‘into it’ as we had once been. It was exciting but it was far, far away from my life.

It was much closer to the life of thirty-seven year old social studies teacher, Christa McAuliffe, who had been chosen for the exciting experience from 11,000 teachers. Once selected she worked hard to be able to successfully accomplish her mission and bring those accomplishments, and all she learned, back to her students in Concord, New Hampshire where she taught.

Although she had probably been the most celebrated of the seven astronauts due to the circumstances of her being on that flight, she certainly wasn’t alone. Commander Francis Richard Scobee, 46, was exactly that, the commander of the expedition. Originally from Washington state, he brought a great deal of experience and expertise to the mission.

Also on the Challenger was Mission Specialist, Dr. Ronald McNair, 36, who held a Ph.D. in physics, and was the second black man to make a United States space flight. Originally from South Carolina, he had moved through the educational world obtaining many high honors along with his doctorate. Along with him was Mission Specialist, Ellison Onizuka, 40, of Hawaii, the first Japanese-American astronaut. Payload Specialist 2 (Engineer), Gregory Jarvis, 42, who had a long career of military and engineering feats.

Dr. Judith Resnick, Mission Specialist, 36, originally from Ohio, had made her first space voyage aboard the Discovery, two years previously. She was the daughter of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine. Pilot Michael J. Smith, 41, originally from North Carolina, but as with most military career people, had lived in many places.

There is no end to the combined accomplishments and awards of this seven person crew, in and out of the military and through their respective careers. Each of them was an amazing individual with a zest for life that took them to NASA and their appointment in history. While the years have passed, their memories have not, nor should they. It is men and women like these that have been the backbone of this country. They have served in the military, in education, in medicine and innumerable other occupations all of which have brought us one step closer to the greatness that is America.

They were seven individuals that represented a social world of many races and religions, from Christian to Jewish to Buddhist, yet they served together as brothers and sisters on the flight that took them into eternity. They left behind mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands and children. And, they left behind a grateful nation that salutes them on this January 28, 2018.




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A Serendipity Moment!

‘He took them roundabout from the straight route to the winding one.’

When the Israelites were leaving Egypt, why did God not take them on a straighter and much easier route? Perhaps it was because the straightway, the easiest way isn’t always the best way. Had they gone that route there was a strong possibility that they would have run into enemies and had to fight a war much earlier than the war they fought against the Amalekites just a few weeks later.

Also, there were several Egyptian fortresses along the straightway. They would surely have tried to turn the suddenly freed, former slaves back towards Egypt and the slavery they had just escaped from.

And there was another Egyptian god that needed to be defeated – the one at Pi-Ha’hiroth. This was a war of the gods. The One True God would show Himself as the God of above all other gods and He would bring His people to Freedom! In order to do this, He had to make Pharaoh think the Jews were confused, lost in the wilderness, waiting to be defeated.

For more information, watch for the soon release of my fourth book, PROPHETESS, which should be out within the next month.

Also, you can pick up my TV program, Serendipity at https://israeltvnetwork.tv/serendipity-s02e16/

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