Tekoa’s Sacrifices

“Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you.”

To those of us who do not believe in blood sacrifice of any kind, whether it is animal or human, these words are horrifying. Who would be willing to do that, to sacrifice your child for God? Not many people would and even in this instance, when Abraham was reluctantly willing, God intervened and provided a ram as a substitute for the beloved son. Abraham was spared of making the sacrifice of the promised child to the God of Promise and the people of Israel began to be born.

Blood sacrifices, as we think of them, stopped when the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., at least officially. But sacrifices continue to be made in Israel all too frequently. They are not sacrifices out of love to a God of love. They are sacrifices made out of hatred to a god that demands despicable things of its illicit, hate-filled followers.

In the land of Israel where joy permeates the streets, where life is lived to the fullest and bravery is an all too constant companion, children are still being sacrificed, not by choice but by demonic thievery.

The first all out-and-out modern-day sacrifice of an Israeli child was the hideous murders of Koby Mandell and his friend, Yosef Ish-Ran in the beautiful Nahal Tekoa Canyon that surrounds Tekoa on three sides. The ancient, but revived village of Tekoa is where the boys 13 and 14, respectively, lived and played and went to school. Out of an extended curiosity the two young boys who stood on the brink of manhood, decided to skip school and explore their canyon. They didn’t know that three to five Palestinian terrorists would be looking for blood that day and that they, Koby and Yosef, would be the blood sacrifice. When the boys did not return home that night a search was instituted and the boys’ heavily battered bodies were discovered in a cave in the wadi. They had been so badly beaten that their bodies were unrecognizable, identified only by dental x-rays.

Two young boys, being boys. Two innocent lives were sacrificed to the god of hatred in the hands of animalistic men who thought nothing of killing for the pure joy of watching Jewish blood anoint the soil as it drained from their cooling bodies. It was May 2001, in the height of the Oslo War forced on Israel by a greedy world that thought they knew more about Middle Eastern happenings than truth could tell them.

And now, nearly eighteen years later, we ring our hands and continue to weep as another beautiful young body from Tekoa is sacrificed to that same hateful, blood thirsty, demonic god. Once again a religious Jew from Tekoa is attacked and murdered. This time it wasn’t the life of young boys that was taken but the life of an innocent young woman. Ori Ansbacher, the lovely nineteen-year-old religious Jewish woman was innocently going about doing her National Service when she was abducted by murder’s long fingers. But it wasn’t enough to just murder her. The brave, demonic killer was hell-bent on harming every part of her pure body that he possibly could as he raped her, stabbed her, mutilated her body and then finally in his last pièce de résistance, decapitated her and scattered her body parts throughout the park. How pathetically sick can one human being be? Is this killer even a human or does it come from the same tribe of hatred, blood thirsty murderers as those that killed Koby and Yosef that May day in 2001?

There have been many others in the eighteen, almost nineteen, intervening years. They come from all over Israel. Many are young and just beginning their lives. Some have not been born yet. Some have been married with families. Some have been pregnant women excitedly waiting to give birth only to have both lives smashed by stones or knives or vehicles or guns or bombs. Each hideous murder is another blood sacrifice of a life that had much to give and might have been that very soul that brought a cure for cancer, or a miracle of peace or whatever good that was destined for that particular life to bring as a gift to society. But, that didn’t happen. The evil, ugly, hatred snuffed out life and the beauty that it offered.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs*, there were 1,348 Israelis murdered at the hands of terrorist from September 2000 through 2013. However, in looking at the MFA website where those who have been murdered are listed, it is easy to see that since 2013, at least another 138 have been murdered. That is to say nothing about the thousands that have been injured due to the terror attacks.

When will it end? Perhaps it will end when the United Nations learns truth and stands for it. Perhaps it will end when the world stands with Israel and not against her. Perhaps it will end when anti-Semitic nations quit pouring money into Hamas, the PLO and the Gaza Strip in order to fund those poor, malnourished, unprotected terrorists whom Israel tries to keep out of the Jewish state.

Only God knows when it will end. Until then, how many more perfectly innocent Jewish lives will be sacrificed on the altars of hatred while the United Nations looks the other way?


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He, She, They and Murder

My head fell off my shoulders this week when I heard the latest news, be that as it may, coming out of California and New York.

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, it was announced that “the California legislature is recognizing a “non-binary designation as a gender” and banning the use of “he” and “she” in hearings, stated Senate Judiciary Chair Hannah-Beth Jackson.” (LifeSiteNews.com)

Well how about that! If I lived in California and had a guest, as in one person, in my home and I was sharing that experience with you, wouldn’t you be confused as to how many guests I had if I said, “They were here for a week?” There is no clarity in that statement if I am referring to one person but there is a lot of confusion.

But that isn’t the half of it, according to an older article, dated October 17, 2017, in Fox News.com, “California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law.” I think what that means is if I am a woman, which I am, and I identify as a man, which I don’t, then you have to call me Mr. or Sir, even though I continue to look like a woman. Did I get that right?

Okay, so I’m confused. I recently saw a video clip of a they who was born as a man but who identifies as a woman who still wears man’s clothing along with they’s heavy makeup and long hair. They was throwing the tantrum of a two-year-old when someone addressed ‘they’ as sir. They demanded to be addressed as a woman although they looked very much like a man with long hair and makeup. They even offered to take the errant clerk outside and beat him (or I guess it would be they) up if he/they continued to call him/her/they as sir. I really am confused now, especially when I consider that most women – naturally born women – would not take a clerk outside and beat him/they up, would she/they.

We can shake our heads and say, “Well, what do you expect from California?” Yep! But the other coast has gone off the rails as well. It seems New York has decided that the 82,189 abortions performed in their state in 2016( the last year of available statistics) could have been more if there had been more health-care practitioners authorized to perform them, including late-term and partial birth abortions. Yep! New York needs more abortions. Offer those babies up to Molek – why not. After all, they are terribly inconvenient intrusions into the lives of the ‘theys’ that were created by God to bring life into the world.

Perhaps it would be wise if both California and New York would study the wisdom of Isaiah 5: 20 – 25 where God – a HE – speaks of our upside-down world and the woes that are coming upon us if we don’t get our act together. Oh, wait! I forgot. It is now illegal in some cities, if not all, for one to sell Bibles in California. Well that explains it all, doesn’t it. At least for California, but what about New York? They still have Bibles, don’t they? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? After all, this is God’s creation that we are talking about and if you don’t believe in God then I guess it doesn’t matter what you do to His – yes HIS – creation.

Personally, I hope we build another wall, this time around both states, California and New York so we can keep the crazies in there and not infect the rest of this beautiful country. Enough said.

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New Year, New Beginning…?

Shalom, All and Happy New Year. I cannot believe it is now 2019 – 19 years past the time the world was supposed to end or computers were to crash or some dread thing was going to happen. But…here we are, 19 years later and by the grace and mercy of the One True God, we are alive and moving on.

I am thankful for that – the being alive and moving on part. We all have our moments when we are not sure we want to continue but if we stop and count our blessings, there is more than enough reason to move on and celebrate life. One of my biggest blessings is my nineteen year old granddaughter – Amber. She isn’t the only grandchild we have but she is the one that has been here the most consistently and she always brings joy and love and lots of laughter. Maybe it’s because her family is crazy, but we do have a good time together and I love that.

Amber’s parents, my son and his wife, are a huge part of my life. They are the only ones of our six children that live here in Oklahoma City so they are the only ones close enough to help me when I need it and for me to help them. We do things together – and apart – and we’ve had a good time together. I’ve watched them as they’ve grown from newly weds to an old married couple and I’ve seen them grow in each other and that brings me great joy. I am thankful for them.

I am also thankful for my sister-in-the-Lord that lives with me. We met 47 years ago and became friendly – she was single and I was married with two kids. We met at work and she seemed to stick to me like glue, often showing up at my house on my day off. At first, she was the friend I didn’t want, the one I called the pain in the tush! She was the first person I lead to the Lord after I got saved and the rest is history. We’ve weathered many storms together as life friends do. I never thought we would live together but nine years ago, two years after my husband passed away, she moved in with me.

We did the ‘move in’ on a trial basis in the beginning but, after a couple of months, we figured we could work it out and make it work. We didn’t rush into the living together agreement…we covered it in lots of prayer and thought and counseling from our children. Never did I realize that it would be the blessing that it has become and I am so thankful that she lives with me. We each carry on our own lives but we try to have meals together and then do whatever ‘work’ each of us has to do in the evening. It is nice to know someone else is in the house and it isn’t always so quiet.

Having said that, there is much in my life to be thankful for. And, there is some things I’m concerned about. My son-in-law has been attacked by the dread disease called cancer – I say ‘attacked’ because it isn’t “his cancer” – it is the devil’s cancer. It belongs in the pit of hell from which it came. I believe Tony will beat this – fully and completely. He is a strong man with great determination and the ability to fight off an enemy from wherever it strikes. I believe this is his fight but we are all surrounding him with a great deal of love and support which gives him the strength to beat it.

I am thankful for friends, family and most of all, for my Lord. The many years I’ve been able to walk with Him have enriched my life and taken me places that I could only dream of. Soon I’ll be leaving for my 33? time to Israel (I’ve actually lost count) and I’m thankful for each and every trip, each and every wonderful Israeli I’ve met, and for each and every mile of Israeli highway that I’ve had the blessing to travel time and time again.

At this writing, I’ve written five books, four of which are about women – heroines – of the Bible and I’m thankful for that. I’m currently working on another book – my sixth – which is a life story about survivors/victims of terror in Israel. What a blessing it has been for me to get to go to Israel and interview these amazing people. I count it joy and a privilege and I’m so thankful not only to my Israeli friends that have helped me make the connections but to my God for allowing it to happen

And now I sign off for the day. I am a content woman with great joy and the sense of love from family and friends. I am truly blessed and I am very thankful. Shalu shalom Jerusalem. (Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.)




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So Sad -So Disgusting!

This week’s news reports read like a super market scandal sheet. I’ve watched in awe and horror over the guilty verdicts rendered against Paul Manafort and the guilty plea issued by Michael Cohen. Whether the things they are found guilty of and pleading guilt for actually happened or not, I don’t know; however, there are several things that totally shock and disgust me. They are:

1. I am disgusted with the FBI, the justice system, the U.S. Attorney General’s office and Muller’s Witch hunt! I do believe it is that – a witch hunt!

A. There is absolutely no evidence of collusion yet the digging goes on leaving more dead bodies in their wake than the Clintons have left. Bodies attacked, savaged and annihilated by the legal system in the United States, particularly in Washington and NYC.

B. Why is it that there is such a prolonged and expensive witch hunt against the President, his campaign, friends and family when Hillary was brushed off and sent home? She is the one they should be investigating. It is the Clintons that should be going off to jail – not Manafort and Cohen.

2. I no longer believe it is ‘fair’, no matter what the case, for someone accused of crimes to turn ‘state’s evidence’ – how does prosecuting one person and letting another go, bring justice to our country? I don’t get that at all – maybe I watch too many true crime stories but I’m angered and saddened by what I seen in the over zealous, rush-to-judgment prosecutors. Somewhere there is honesty. Our dishonest FBI, justice system, U.S. Attorney General’s office and Muller’s team and friends will not find truth but they will destroy lives in the search.

3. I am an ardent Zionist. I love Israel. I love the Jewish people so I’m putting that out there as a total caveat before I make this statement. The fact that Michael Cohen’s father, Maurice Cohen, a Polish Jew, survived the Holocaust is amazing, wonderful and I honor him with my whole heart.

However, I do not believe it was President Trump that sullied his son’s name – granted he would never have been brought up on charges had it not been for his involvement with the Trumps and Muller’s dirty digging for filth, but being a part of the Trump dynasty didn’t hurt him until he hurt himself with illegal tapes that violated every attorney client process that I’ve ever heard of.

Who sullied the Cohen name? It wasn’t the Trump family. Michael Cohen did it himself. Michael Cohen sullied the family name when he made illegal tapes that violated attorney client privilege. Michael Cohen sullied the family name when he didn’t report income. Michael Cohen sullied the family name when he did whatever he did with his taxi business that has come back to bite him.

I so appreciate and respect Mr. Maurice Cohen for the simple fact of who he is. I do not appreciate his son for the simple fact of who he is and what he has done. If Michael Cohen sold out to the feds because the Trump family quit paying his legal fees, then shame on him.

If Michael Cohen, unknowingly taped his client, then he is a dishonest lawyer and deserves everything that he is getting. Why would an attorney, without his client’s consent, tape a client? I have to believe in this case there must have been a blackmail intent. Isn’t it about the intent? Michael Cohen, not Donald J. Trump, is the one that has sullied the Cohen family name and that is a terrible disgrace. I have no compassion for him, no pity.

This is all a dirty mess. All of it. The Muller witch hunt has destroyed our country and continues to do so. Lives have been damaged. Homes have been devastated. Children have been harmed by the lies and accusations against their parents to say nothing of the middle of the night invasions by the heavily armed S.W.A.T teams that kicked down doors and pulled sleeping people out of their warm beds. Yet it goes on and on and on like a bad nightmare. When will it end? Only God knows the answer to that.

In the meantime, we have things that must be done including building a wall and throwing out those who are here illegally. That is much more important than spending millions and millions of dollars trying to find charges, that don’t exist, against the President of the United States. How pathetic is that?

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I love a good movie. It doesn’t have to be a syrupy sweet love story or even a comedy. I do like a movie with a good plot, good actors and good verbiage that is even worthy of being remembered and repeated. I like action movies, thrillers – if they aren’t too violent, and mysteries. True crimes and true stories are my favorites. That should tell you I’m not too picky, wouldn’t it.

My sister-in-the-Lord lives with me. We are both very active women with heavy schedules and rarely take time to sit down and watch a movie, except maybe for weekends. We have several channels or whatever you call them, that we can get movies through without paying. We don’t even mind paying for a movie, i.e., buying or renting it, if we deem it to be a good movie. The point being, when we do sit down to watch a movie we want to be able to enjoy it.

Last night was one of those nights. We had had a busy day and we were ready to put our feet up and relax. A movie seemed like a good idea. We went through the choices presented to us by the channels – programs – offered and we chose one called “Bad Moms” on Amazon for which we paid $3.99 to rent. It was billed as a ‘comedy’.

We gathered our tea, curled up in our respective places and prepared to watch the movie. We watched maybe ten minutes – yep! ten minutes – before we looked at each other and said, “I’m done.” Bad Moms had so much filth in the language, attitudes and even acting that we were both furious. Now mind you, we are not prudes. But we don’t think it is necessary to have filth in a movie – especially if you call it a comedy. Some things are just NOT funny!

We had seen trailers for apparently another ‘moms’ movie and I guess we confused that with this one. I’m not sure – but we turned it off and sat about reading books which were much more interesting and certainly not offensive. This morning my sister got her bill from Amazon for the movie with the curt little statement that no refunds would be made as once you start streaming it’s a done deal. Maybe Amazon should say if you’ve streamed past fifteen minutes, it’s a done deal. Or if the language is hideous, which it was, it’s a done deal – you are DONE and don’t want any more of it.

Thankfully, we have a great library at our house and are never at a loss for a good book. As to dirty movies, Hello Hollywood! Do you realize you’ve destroyed the innocence of America with your filth! I’m done – D O N E!

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College Bullies on Steroids

Sometimes, actually, often times, I ask myself ‘has the world gone nuts?’ More often than I care to admit the answer is an emphatic “yes!”. It doesn’t take many minutes of listening to the television or radio to learn that what you once thought was a dignified institution of higher learning has become a bastion for teaching hate and divisiveness rather than furthering education.

Yesterday morning was one of those days when you want to slap yourself upside of the head to clear your hearing because you can’t believe you’ve just heard what you just heard.

Fox news had a young man on who was telling of a particular college – oh well, might as well name it and claim it – the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. This university, tucked away in the beautiful landscape of Colorado, in the heartlands of the United States of America, is requiring ALL freshmen students to take a class that bashes President Donald J. Trump! That’s right. This is a class that actually bashes, defined as strike hard or against, POTUS – the President of the United States. There is no apology for this. It is a required subject.

For a non-resident student, the tuition fee is anywhere between $19,500 – $24,200 per credit year plus $10,000 – $12,000 for housing. Resident students will pay $8,300 – $10,200 per credit year, plus $9,600 – $10,00 in housing. Unless a student is highly blessed, most of this fee will be paid for by student loans which means, after a four year stint at the university, if they are lucky, they’ll graduate with an indebtedness of no more than $140,000. And for this, they have to take a class in bashing the President of the United States that they will have to pay the exorbitant amount of $2,076 for. This is a class on hatred, all because someone at the university has written a book on this hateful subject or somehow, has managed to get it on the required curriculum list.

It is one thing – although even that is circumspect – to offer such a class as optional. But to make a class teaching hatred mandatory for starry eyed freshman college students who have left the safety of their parents home for the first time is beyond criminal. We send our children off to college for them to get a higher education so they can do well and make something of themselves in this world. We don’t, at least most of us don’t, send our kids off to be taught hatred by demented professors who are out of control in their own biases.

According to the difference in colleges and universities, as defined by grammarist.com,,

“In American English, college and university are generally used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences between them. University usually denotes a school that offers full undergraduate and graduate programs, while colleges usually offer more narrow programs and may have no graduate studies at all.”

Unfortunately, UCCS’ website is somewhat misleading in saying, “At the University of Colorado Colorado Springs we challenge you to reach higher in a supportive and collaborative learning and research environment where you interact, aspire and engage. Our committed faculty and staff provide you the support you need to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and in life.” How teaching students to hate the President of the United States is ‘challenging them to reach higher learning and/or the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in collage and in life’, is beyond me. Perhaps this is the university that has written the textbooks for the Palestinian students of Gaza.

But UCCS isn’t the only college in the United States taking such blatant and openly damaging steps toward destroying America. Actually, almost all colleges are openly defying what is the ‘norm’ in public education by having hateful and divisive professors, speakers and programs. This isn’t what we’ve wanted for our children, is it? I didn’t.

Last year, my university freshman granddaughter went far, far away from home to a university chosen for the programs offered in her chosen field of study. Her parents and I drove her there, helped her get situated in this new and strikingly different environment, absorbing as much of the culture as we could before driving off and leaving her there alone. Her first day in a required class had an asinine teacher who walked in with a large button that said, “Not My President” and challenged the students to leave if they didn’t like it.

She was distressed. She called home wanting to know what she should do. Her dad told her it was her choice but if she wanted to drop the subject and take something else, she was free to do so. She didn’t. She stuck it out and she hated that class every day of the semester that she was in it. She passed the class but she hated it and the professor. Did she learn anything? No. Not really. She endured to the end and that was it.

In a few days she is going back to the same university and we are all clapping and cheering, but we are wondering – or at least I am – why it is necessary to have such demented, opinionated, egotistical, hate-filled instructors teaching our children. What is the point? Teaching young people to hate and act badly is not ‘challenging them to reach higher learning and/or the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in collage and in life’. No matter how you define it, it is teaching them to hate, to act badly and to destroy.

Well, we all know the point. Destroy America from within. How very sick.

I was delighted to hear a young man on that same television program yesterday morning, a representative of campusreform.org, tell about his organization and express the same dismay that I have felt. He said they get reports, all the time, from students who are faced with the same hateful vitriolic spewing that my granddaughter faced. Some report their information anonymously because they fear retribution. That’s right, here in America free speech is sliding down a slippery slope as college/university professors espouse their hatred and defy the kids to do anything about it. Where, or where is that fair or higher education? That is bullying in the highest form.





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Movin On!

In these days of my ‘freedom’ from a job that I loved but that was demanding every thinking moment of my day, and sometimes night, I find that I have been very busy. My fourth book is now on the market – Prophetess – and I am working on two more: On Purpose! which is the story of survivors of terror in Israel; and, Harlot, which is the story of Rahab of Jericho. I’m eager to get these books done and available for you, my dear friends and readers.

In March, my sister-in-the-Lord and I went to Israel for a month where we had a great time catching up with old friends, seeing sights that we’ve seen before and finding new places to go. We rented an apartment in Jerusalem that was city center which provided easy access to almost anything we wanted, and yes, we did have a car so we were free. It was a great trip and we look forward to going back soon.

One of the most important things for me was visiting with the survivors of terror. Some of them were personally injured and still suffering from those injuries. Others lost loved ones and are dealing with that loss. It was a sad situation for them but their belief in God is beautiful and even encouraging. The first interview I did was with a family that had lost their teenage daughter to a terrorist murderer at a pizza place in their community, right after Shabbat. She and her friends went there to visit with some girls from another community when the murderer walked in, smiled and blew himself up, killing three girls and injuring several others.

I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know if I would be an emotional mess when I left the interview. Instead, I was encouraged by their strength, their faith and their determination to move on, never forgetting but pressing forward. Another family – the pregnant wife had been murdered, the dad had been paralyzed from the waist down and the teenage daughter in the back seat was paralyzed. I actually left that house laughing because they are such marvelous people. They’ve faced their tragedy. They haven’t embraced it, so to speak, but they’ve learned to deal with it and they are giving to others. The dad has remarried, the daughter is chair skiing on Alpine slopes and they are living life to the fullest. What a blessing.

Having had the beautiful experience of meeting with these people and many others, I know that whatever I’d had to face in life has been nothing to what these dear ones deal with on a daily basis. Yet they laugh. They encourage others. They are a blessing to their world and it brings faith, hope and God to others. Amen to that.

I really hate the terrorism that Israel has been inflicted with since her inception. But I know one thing for sure, hatred will not destroy her. For that I applaud and am very grateful.

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