The Quandry

I just read a quick quip embedded in an article about Republican Candidate for President, Donald J. Trump. In the article the woman said, “I’ll vote for Trump when I know what’s in it for me.”

Hmmm. ‘What’s in it for me…’ Isn’t that what got us – America – into the place we are in now? Wasn’t the reason Barak Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States because he promised all kinds of things for the ‘me-ism-people’? I think it was. I remember specifically one lady of color screaming, “He’s gonna give me things. A phone. All kinds of things.” I also remember another woman, I believe she was a single mom, telling her daughter “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgate….” I wonder how that worked for her.

Really! Is that really what we want in America. The me-ism is what got us where we are now. People were so focused on what we could get that we failed to see what we would get was a country divided almost to the point of civil war. Is that really what we want now?

What ever happened to Kennedy’s statement, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Are we so far away from the Kennedy era that we can’t remember a statement that is so poignant? Apparently we are.

In the embedded quote in the article I read, the lady said, “The notion that you can talk about people and say, ‘We’re not going to let you into our country, we’re going to deport you because of your religion’ – this has happened to us, more than once, and we need to pay attention.’” Indeed, we do need to pay attention.

Few Americans understand the lady’s reference to her past as a Jew – not hers specifically but that of the Jewish people. We here in America stand guilty of rejecting the S.S. St. Louis in the spring of 1939, a ship loaded with Jews who were seeking asylum in Cuba and/or the United States ( That ship was refused landing privileges and sent back to Germany where many on board eventually perished in the hideous Holocaust. Although I am not Jewish, I believe I understand her frustration and her fears. There was a difference though.

The Jews on that ship did not wish to kill us. They merely wanted to be free people, to escape Hitler and his minions. Their motives were clear and precious; ours were not. That is a tragedy we Americans who grew up and were educated in public schools know little about; however, American Jews who were educated in Jewish schools know a great deal about that. It is one of those things our country did that we should all be ashamed of.

But, back to my point. The 908 Jewish refugees on that ship sought only life for themselves and their families, current and future. They were willing to come to a new country and be a vital part of that country. On the other hand, there is no clarity on the so-called Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe and wanting to come to America. While I have a heart that says ‘let them come’ my head says, ‘why are they all young men of fighting age and few families? What is their intent? Where are the families?’. Therein is the problem.

One group of people wanted to come to America and become citizens, to work beside us and help grow our country. The goals of the other group is unclear but many of us, me included, question their integrity and their agenda. Since they are young men that look healthy, why aren’t they staying in their country and fighting for the freedom and liberation of their country instead of fleeing? Where are their families? What is their ultimate goal?

While I hear the lady’s heart and concerns, I do not agree with her. Our borders have been open entirely too long. It is time for us to shut the borders, establish clear criteria for coming to this country and then enforce it. There isn’t room for any more murderers in this country. If the last two weekends – Dallas and Baton Rouge – don’t lay witness to that, then what does? I am going to have to agree with Candidate Trump. Shut the borders. Build a fence. Become discerning about who comes into this country. If they cannot prove their intent, then send them back.

Basically, ‘what can I do for my country?’ I can stand guard on a border and I can watch and pray. I can pray that people like this dear lady stop and think – it is important that we think about our country. I am all for helping the down trodden and I am all for LEGAL immigration. I have no pity or compassion for those who try to come in illegally. Let us protect our country then we can better help people who genuinely need it.

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A Matter of Color

There probably isn’t a sane person in the United States that isn’t upset over the murderous attack on white policemen in Dallas, Texas on Thursday night, July 7, at the end of a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration and rally. The march was peaceful, quietly guarded by the very same police that black leaders are espousing annihilation of. The rally was mixed with whites, blacks and other races and it was peaceful. Then the shots rang out!

Undoubtedly America was shocked as shot after shot was fired while rally attenders ran for cover, away from the directions the bullets were coming from. As these citizens ran from the fire Dallas policemen, along with those from other nearby cities, ran toward the sounds of the shots. In the end, five policemen were murdered and seven more were injured by the rampaging sniper. There wasn’t anything fair about it. It was out and out murder by a hate filled, well trained, well thought out shooter with the intent to kill and destroy white cops.

Since then, we’ve heard story after story of heroism as those who were there tell of policemen protecting them and putting themselves in the line of fire. I listened today as lovely Shetamia Taylor told of sustaining the gunshot injury to her leg. In the interview by the media, she sobbed as she praised and repeatedly thanked the policeman that covered her with his body. Shetamia is black; the policeman shielding her with his own body was white.

Shetamia told of how the police surrounded her, got her and her son into a badly shot up police car and drove her, on sparking rims, to the hospital where she received treatment and remains today. She is expected to fully recover from her injuries; the trauma is another story.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon, something I don’t normally do on Sunday but considering a terribly busy week ahead of me, I succumbed to the urge to get it done. The store was busy. As I walked up and down the isles, I wondered what we could do for our local police to encourage them and let them know we stand with them.

Without even thinking about it I stopped a black couple apologizing for the intrusion. I asked them if they knew or understood what the problem was. They didn’t. The lady, a very nice person, said she thought it went back a long, long way to before they were born. I was astonished by this answer.

I said, “No. That’s not true. I’m old enough to remember the 60s and 70s and there was a problem then but I thought it was solved, at least from my perspective. I don’t know what it is but it is more recent than that. We live in a beautiful country and we are destroying it with this crap.” They agreed. We parted cordially and went our own ways. I wasn’t sure why I stopped them other than I wanted to hear their thoughts on the issue. They were as puzzled as I am.

As I walked the isles of the store I continued to think about it. It came to me it isn’t a matter of the color of someone’s skin, it is about the color of their heart. Our hearts are supposed to be open and loving yet somewhere along the line, they have been colored by someone’s hatred and lies and now our hearts are black, dead and decaying.

This isn’t all that different than the Palestinian hatred being espoused in Israel by the PLO to innocent children. Several years ago, I sat with a child psychologist at a social gathering in Israel and we talked about “the problem” at hand, that of hatred being taught to the Palestinian children from the time they breathe their first breath. My question was, “How do we overcome this? How do we erase it?”

She said, “That’s the problem. No one knows. We’ve never been faced with this before and we don’t know how to fix it, even if there was peace today.” That was a sad thought, even peace wouldn’t stop the hatred.

What will then? Again, it is a matter of the heart. Our leaders, including President Obama, need to stop instigating hatred. They need to quit jumping to conclusions before they get all the facts. Black preachers need to start preaching love instead of hatred and white preachers need to start preaching the love of Jesus – He loved everyone and reached out to them where they were. It can only start with each person. We all have to take responsibility. We have to smile and be pleasant and reach out to the black community, even when maybe we don’t want to.

Black communities have to start cleaning up their own act, now! There isn’t time to start doing it tomorrow. They must begin teaching and showing responsibility at every level from teachers, to homes, to businesses. Men need to stay at home, marry their “girl friends” who have carried and delivered their children. Take responsibility. Be part of the solution instead of the problem

The white community – my community – has to take responsibility as well. There is so much anger and hatred in this country right now that we are as explosive as that shooter on July 7 that destroyed the lives of so many. The vitriol coming out of Washington – from the floor of Congress, the floor of the Senate and the White House – has to stop, immediately. There is no reason for it. Stop it. Put an end to all of this.

It isn’t about guns. It isn’t about black people against white people or white people against black people. It isn’t about white policemen shooting black people. It is about hatred. We are all God’s children. We have a common enemy called Islam and if we are going to survive that, then we must stand together and put a stop to this hatred and it has to stop now. We are all experiencing frustration over the current divide in America that started at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but acting out on those frustrations won’t fix the situation. We must start acting responsibly. Be a part of the solution. Stand up and call for love. Show love. Be love.

I ask you, the reader, what is the color of your heart? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution. Is your heart red and loving or is it dying and decaying, a victim of the hatred? You can put a stop to this now, if you will. Don’t be a victim of hatred; be a vessel of love.




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Channeling Clinton

What an amazing world and time we live in. Yesterday I sat with great respect and listened to FBI Director James Comey as he listed, one after the other, the many ways in which former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton had abused and misused her position in regards to keeping America safe. I was excited to think that finally, finally someone was going to nail her down and pin something on her. Notta! Didn’t happen. In a sudden and surprise move, the illustrious Mr. Comey said he was not going to recommend her for prosecution even though she had been “extremely careless” in handling National Security. Really!

I believe that although she – the Secretary – had a server in her basement (apparently there was more than one over a period of time) and decided to use it instead of the secured government server, she “didn’t intend to do it”. Really! Didn’t intend to do it? Who failed kindergarten?

The Secretary is a former attorney. I don’t know if she still has her license or not no do I care. But, in most cases ‘ignorance’ is not a defense in a court of law. However, if you are a Clinton then not intending to is a defense. Really!

I have to admit, I was stunned. I felt sure he would recommend that the Attorney General indict her. Didn’t happen. Once again, for whatever reason, the Clintons skim by with their corrupt and evil ways while the rest of America sits stunned. Really.

Once I got past the shock of his statement, my thoughts went immediately to Martha Stewart who spent months in jail because she ‘lied to the FBI’. Really! The FBI owes her a public apology and all rights taken from her need to be restored. And what about General Petraeus who resigned and was humiliated by the affair, as he should have been. He is now working in academia! Shouldn’t he be publicly forgiven for his interludes, pillow talk and all that he told. After all. He didn’t intentionally do it. And he didn’t even have a server in his basement. Really!

Well, one thing is for sure. If I’m ever arrested for anything, I’m going to say “I identify with the Clintons therefore I am not guilty”. That should float. Just think about it. If you can use any restroom just because you identify with that gender no matter what yours is, then why wouldn’t my identification with the Clintons be equally viable. Really!

I’m so disgusted.

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While the World Stood Silent

Forty years ago, June 27, 1976, Air France Flight 139 from Tel Aviv to Paris with 200 passengers aboard made a schedule stop-over in Athens, Greece and entered into the realm of world history. Minutes after the plane, now carrying 256 passengers along with a 12 member crew, was airborne for Paris. Four terrorists, 3 men and a woman, brandishing guns and grenades hijacked the plane and forced it to change its flight pattern.

Directing the flight south and westward, the plane first landed in Benghazi, Libya, where it was allowed to refuel but Gadaffi insisted it not stay. Seven hours later, the hijacked plane airlifted with its 256 sweating and miserable passengers, and flew eastward to Uganda where it landed at Entebbe.

The terrorists announced that they had commandeered the plane in the name of the PFLP – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, founded by George Habash in 1967, as a Marxist-Leninist socialist revolutionary organization.

Iddi Amin, the murderous dictator of Uganda, had turned from support of Israel after being denied high-performance jets that he wanted to use to attack Tanzania. Angry over the denial, Amin had pulled away from Israel and aligned with Yassar Arafat and the PFLP, a branch of the PLO.

On Monday, June 28, the 256 passengers and 12 crew members, were herded into the old airport at Entebbe where they were held hostage in a hot, crowded room, by 10 terrorists – the four from the plane plus six more that were already in Uganda.

While the world stood shocked and then silent, Israel began to look for solutions to the problem. The terrorists were demanding the release of 53 prisoners held in several countries: France, Israel Germany, Kenya and Switzerland plus a ransom of five million dollars from France. An hour after the demands were issued, the terrorists broke through a sheet rock wall and separated the passengers. All Jews were forced to go through the opening into the adjoining room – the separation had begun again.

Israel already was adamant in not negotiating with terrorists determined there had to be another way. Under a cloud of intense secrecy, Israel called her intelligence and military experts together to determine a way to rescue the hostages. She knew it would be difficult and risky, if not impossible, but there didn’t seem to be any other way.

Although they had agreed not to negotiate a release for French citizens only, the French government side stepped the agreement and arranged for the release of forty-seven non-Israelis. Although the crew members were from various countries, the French captain of the ill-fated flight asked his crew to stay, if their conscience would allow them to do so, to fulfill their responsibilities to the remaining hostages. All twelve members stayed behind with the hostages.


Once the freed French hostages were on safe soil, they were interviewed by the Mossad to learn about the conditions, placement and treatment of the hostages as well as that of the terrorists. Adding this information to what they had already learned from the Israeli contractors who had initially designed and built the airport building, Israel had a pretty good idea of what they were up against. The problem was how to cover 2,500 miles with a rescue team large enough to do the job, enough planes to bring the people out and enough fuel to cover the return trip, without being discovered and stopped by hostile nations.

Through negotiations, the hijackers had extended their deadline by three days to Sunday, July 4, 8:00 AM before they began shooting passengers one at a time. Although Israel was negotiating with the terrorists, the demands were logistically impossible and she knew they would have to be rescued to prevent a small holocaust. The job had to precise and planned to the moment.

The remainder of the story is miraculous, with almost every event being orchestrated by a higher power. Four C-130 Hercules Transport planes would fly 2,500 miles, through hostile territory to Entebbe. They would land shortly after midnight, on the heels of a British Airways flight which was scheduled to land shortly before midnight on Saturday, July 3. The hopes were that the lights of the runways would still be on as C-130s had not been successfully landed on dark runways. Additionally, the plane’s tanks would be nearly empty and they would have to refuel somewhere before they could fly back to Israel; refueling at Entebbe would take too long and be too dangerous.

Everything was meticulously planned. Nothing was left to chance. Although the first rehearsal on Friday was a bad one the plan had to move forward. For the tightly scheduled plan to work, the commandos must lift off from Israel by 3:00 PM on Saturday in order to meet the 8:00 AM deadline on Sunday, July 4. All was ready to go with the exception that the Israeli government had not yet reached a unanimous decision to allow the mission. Because of the time constraints, the flights took off at 3:00 PM, as scheduled, while the government leadership debated. If they did not agree to the mission, the planes could turn around before they reached the point of no return.

Six planes in total: 4 C-130s, 2 Boeing 707s – one a hospital ship, the other an operation command ship, lifted off at 3:00 PM. They had to fly in a very low pattern, only 100 feet above the ground to avoid radar discovery by hostile nations. Any slip of the hand could cause a catastrophic disaster as they flew only 20 feet above the Red Sea toward the Ugandan destination.

The first C-130 landed with it’s cargo bay doors opened expelling a black Mercedes and two Land Rovers, all loaded with Israeli assault team members. Hoping to fool any security personnel at the airport into believing that Idi Amin had returned to the hostage scene, they drove past the two security guards who attempted to stop them. Using handguns with silencers they shot the guards, killing one and wounding the other which caused a team member in the Land Rover to shoot a spray of bullets from his weapon that had no silencer tipping off the hijackers that a rescue attempt was underway.

In 53 minutes, from start to finish, the rescue was completed and the hostages were on Israeli planes, lifting off from the Ugandan tarmac, headed to Kenya where they would refuel and treat the wounded. Three hostages were killed in the gun battle, one Israeli soldier – Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyhu – was killed, and several were wounded.

The daring rescue was a clarion call to the world that Israel was now a nation that would no longer be mistreated. She did and will always stand for her own independence and to protect her citizens, wherever they are.

As America celebrated the 200th birthday of Freedom from Tyranny, apparently oblivious to what was going on in the only democracy in the Middle East, the hostages of unstable terrorist organizations returned to their own freedom in the land of Israel. Am Israel Chai!



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Gate 22

I have never thought of a gate at an airport serving as a Rite of Passage – but today it did.

My sixteen year old granddaughter, a/k/a Angel Baby, walked through that gate at the airport alone – alone that is without either her parents or myself with her. My last glimpse of her was as she turned to wait on her friend who was handing her boarding pass to the agent, and then the two of them walked off into the tunnel as she had called it until I explained it was a Jetway. How could this be? Yesterday she was three and we were taking her to see the stage performance of Bear in the Big Blue House, at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Today the performance is at Will Rogers Airport and I’m the one watching it.

It all started about a year ago when her theater group – she is an aspiring stage actress – announced they would be taking a trip to New York City over spring break for anyone that wanted to go. Of course, Angel Baby’s parents knew immediately they needed to commit to sending her on this trip of a lifetime. Over the five days they are in New York, they will take in several stage plays, do some workshops, shop and tour the City of Broadway, bright lights, and what she hopes is her future.

At the same time her parents committed to this trip for her they asked me if I would arrange my schedule to be here for her to help her get to the airport, etc., as this is usually the time of year they take their vacation. I said, ‘Yes’ knowing I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Last week, my son and his wife, left on vacation leaving Angel Baby in my loving and sometimes possessive hands.

She had two days of school to finish out, the weekend to get through and then this morning – Tuesday – we got up early, leaving my house at 3:30 to make it across Oklahoma City to the airport, through security, and to the gate in time for her 6:00 a.m. flight.

‘You went to the gate?’ you might ask. YES! I did! I asked Angel Baby several times if she wanted me to or if she was ready for me to leave; the answer was always, ‘No – go with me.’ I did. It was only yesterday that she said to me, “I wanted you to come with me.” Really! She had never said that before and even though it was with great fear and trembling on my part, I knew her parents were right, she needed to try her wings. This trip was full of chaperones – many parents had decided to go along so there was no need to worry. But…!

Being the doting grandmother, I managed to get the name and number of someone on the ground in NYC that we could trust and turn to if there should – God forbid – be an emergency. Then I made her program that information in her phone. She did so without any hesitation; later at the airport, I overheard her telling her friend that she had so-and-so’s number in the event anything went wrong.

This isn’t her first flight. She had flown several times with me and/or her parents; but that was the deal, it had always been “with.” On the drive to the airport she chattered like a magpie, telling me every line in a play they are working on at school. She laughed a lot and talked a lot until we got to the airport then she was suddenly quiet. IT was here! She was leaving her security blanket and going on her own.

We were ahead of the other kids and parents at the airport; therefore, we were first through security.

Then we sat at the gate and waited.

We practiced reading the arrivals and departures schedules so she could successfully change planes in Atlanta, talked about boarding zones, and watched people. She felt sick. Nerves, no doubt. I showed her the pressure points on her wrist to ward off air sickness and told her there were barf bags in the backs of the seat if she needed them. She won’t. Her friend came and she relaxed a little. There really is comfort in numbers – for her and for me.

We slipped her carry on bag into the sizing bracket – it fit. She wrestled with whether or not to check it through and decided to keep it with her, just as her mother had told her. I explained that even though it fit, they might want to take it from her on the Jetway, and that she’d have to let them do it. We put another name tag on it, just to make sure.

Then we waited.

First, they boarded those who needed more time in getting to their seats. Then they boarded Zone One. Then it was time for Zone Two and I pushed her forward, telling her she’d have to “go” as no one was going to wait on her. Reluctantly, almost timidly, she took the lead as she and her friend pushed their way forward. I watched her standing in the doorway of the gate, marveling once again at her 5’9″ of height. After all, she was only three yesterday!

I stood and watched, camera in hand, as they stepped across the threshold of Gate 22 into her future.

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Satan’s Spawn…

“Raed Jaradat, 22, who was shot while carrying out a stabbing attack against Israeli soldiers near Hebron (Israel) last week, and Daania Arshid, killed as she tried to stab soldiers at the Tomb of the Patriachs (Hebron, Israel) on the same day, were posthumously betrothed to each other as “martyrs” to be married beyond the grave.” Times of Israel, November 2, 2015.

Like something out of a Hollywood spook movie, the fathers of these now dead Arab terrorists tearfully agreed that their adult-children would be united and married beyond the grave! Upon the announcement of their betrothal the funeral crowd broke into joyous shouts of “Blessed be Raed, blessed be Daania, God is Great!”

How pathetic. How very pathetic. Talk about Zombies or the Walking Dead! Now we are going to have the Marrying Dead! As a Christian, I cannot comprehend how anyone, other than Hollywood, could visualize such a so-called marriage! What would the wedding garb be? Would it be shrouds in strips of white cloth that will hang loosely from the body when the zombies begin their wedding march?

What would the wedding bouquet be? Maybe a selection of knives in various sizes and shapes, dipped in blood, of course. What a lovely site!

Then what? Would they play music, throw candy and dance in the streets over these dead terrorists whom they now want to propagate in hell!

Would there be children from this hellish marriage? If so, then I pray there will soon be a family reunion in their new abode in the bowels of the earth and the entire family – both sides – would come to join in the gathering together!

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A Theology of Lies

I read somewhere that doing the same things over and over again expecting different results was a true indication of insanity. So it is with the PLO/Gaza/Palestinians/Hezbollah theology. Theirs is a theology built on lies, lies without foundation but lies that people choose to believe because it is an excuse to hate the Jews.

The most recent lie, to my knowledge, is the lie Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is telling regarding the perpetrator of a recent stabbing in Israel. The victim: a 13 year old Israeli (Jewish) boy who was riding his bicycle on a bright, sunny day in the outskirts of Northern Jerusalem. The attacker: Two, yes two, East Jerusalem brothers aged 13 and 15, stabbed the boy multiple times. It would appear that their intent was to kill the young boy but when bystanders began to respond the two East Jerusalem brothers fled. During their attempted escape, one of the attackers was hit by a car.

The second brother continued to run until he was finally caught up to by Israeli and Border police. They yelled to him to halt. He did not! Instead, he turned and began running toward them with a knife in his hand. Apparently he thought a knife trumped guns. It did not and he was shot and killed.

The young biker was taken to Hadasseh Hospital in critical condition. Ironically, his attacker was taken to the same hospital where he is being treated for the injuries sustained from the vehicle. There is a video of him – the young attacker – alive and well in the Israeli hospital, being spoon fed by someone.

Perhaps that is the problem. These young kids are being spoon-fed lies of hatred, bitterness, resentment, vileness that no one really knows how to erase. When their leaders, Abbas in particular, lie to them telling them the cruel Israelis are responsible for whatever the cause is that they are dissatisfied with, it is easy to turn to hate. Hatred breeds and multiplies and multiplies again. Hatred kills – be it in one-on-one or in a car bombing, a bus bombing, or other type of terrorist attack, it all boils down to two things – hatred and a lack of spiritual clarity.

How do we change this? To my knowledge, there is only one way and that is with TRUTH. The other night I listened to a young Englishman who was raised as a Muslim and taught to hate Jews. He never knew a Jew, had never worked for or with a Jew, had never been to Israel and had no idea of anything positive about Israel; but – he hated Israel and the Jews. Then a miracle happened – God got hold of him and changed his life. He began to read and to investigate for himself. In other words, he began to search for TRUTH.

Our prayers can bring TRUTH. We must pray for God’s hand of protection upon Israel – she IS under attack. Our obligation is to pray and to help in any way we can. Get the facts – the real facts – not something you hear on television. Seek TRUTH in the Word of God. Call our office for a reading list that can help you learn and be prepared to help others to learn. We can repel the lies – YOU can repel the lies. Change always begins with One person – let it begin with YOU.

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