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Movin On!

In these days of my ‘freedom’ from a job that I loved but that was demanding every thinking moment of my day, and sometimes night, I find that I have been very busy. My fourth book is now on the … Continue reading

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Raining Cats and Dogs!

When I was a child my grandparents would talk about it raining cats and dogs. I remember looking outside and not seeing any cats and dogs other than theirs and that puzzled me until I finally figured out they simply … Continue reading

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The Quandry

I just read a quick quip embedded in an article about Republican Candidate for President, Donald J. Trump. In the article the woman said, “I’ll vote for Trump when I know what’s in it for me.” Hmmm. ‘What’s in it … Continue reading

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Out of the Brokenness

Oklahoma has been seriously rocking and rolling the last few weeks as a plague of terror inducing weather has repeatedly swarmed through the state, causing death, destruction and tremendous loss both materially and emotionally. Families have been devastated by the … Continue reading

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2013 A Year of Challenges

As I write this, I’m pondering this week’s elections in Israel. Thankfully, Bibi Netanyhu won re-election and will continue as Prime Minister, but the win wasn’t as strong as we had hoped it would be which puts him in a … Continue reading

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When No One Else Will

When I was a child my parents taught me specific things that were to carry over into adulthood and become building blocks for the foundation of my life’s standards. Things like honesty, integrity, loyalty to God and country, loyalty to … Continue reading

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I Should Have Known!

A couple of days ago I read the most astonishing news – Germany – once the great and determined exterminator of Jews – had just furnished Israel with an entirely new Dolphin submarine, capable of being nuclear warhead equipped. Joy … Continue reading

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